I Am

(Abbey in her cute outfit with a big bandaid on her leg from getting scraped by a boat during crew which makes her cuter than ever, in my opinion, not hers, she'll be mad at me now)

Today I am-
-hoping it won't be rainy and cold on Halloween night.
-realizing that's a small worry compared to those who have been hit by the storm.
-fighting candy cravings like nobody's business.
-loving all things pumpkin.
-serving grilled cheese and Campbell's chicken noodle soup for dinner because it's easy.
-thinking about how I'm so lucky to have baby Janey-pants (my nick-name for her), since a fancy specialist once told me I had less than a 1% chance of having another baby.
-wanting to go visit fancy specialist and show him how cute my 1% chance turned out to be.
-praying for my Abbey because high school sometimes stinks, and just because I love her.
-thanking my husband for working so hard so I can raise my family in our warm cozy house.


  1. Dinner sounds so warm and cozy!

  2. One of my daughter's nicknames is Pants! She's 6 years old now, and I still call her that sometimes (she thinks it's a little weird).

  3. And ... I am


    PS. Can't wait to get the book and read your chapter. :)

    PPS. your relationship with your daughter is inspiring.

  4. Love this,Sarah...grilled cheese and soup is a favorite meal here. For real. Same with me and those fancy specialists...I was told more than once that without medical intervention I would not be able to have children....and the first time I was told that ...I was already pregnant!! Happy Halloween!

  5. Love your list, Sarah! That photo of Abbey is great, because it shows off not only beautiful Abbey but also your wonderful new door. I know you must be enjoying that!

    I really think you ought to stop by that specialist's office. Just think what an encouragement Janey would be to the folks in the waiting room! :)

    By the way, your post title reminded me of what God said to Moses from the burning bush, when Moses asked what he should tell the people of Egypt when they asked who sent him: "I AM THAT I AM."

  6. Chili tonight for the same reason! Thankful for my crock-pot.

    :P to specialists and their discouraging statistics!

  7. Sounds like lots of contentment over there! We do grilled cheese and Campbell's tomato soup here! Candy cravings are tough this time of year!

  8. Darling girls. The big and the little.

    I have TWO less than %1 chance little girls! Never been so happy to beat the odds in all my life!

  9. You know what? I'll bet your specialist would be thrilled to see your little 1% baby. As my OB once said to me, Sometimes it's lovely to be wrong.
    Hoping Abbey is weathering the storm that is high school ok. We got through Sandy all right, heartsick for friends who didn't (of course houses are only buildings but we all know--they are so much more) but thrilled everyone is ok.
    Our power is back and I'm so charmed by my 7 & 9 year old boys watching "funniest baby videos" that I'm letting them laugh hysterically at the baby in the tub with the dachshunds and all the others. Happy Halloween!

  10. I don't have an adorable Abbey or an adorable baby Janey-pants but I'm especially thankful today that I, too, have a husband that works so hard so I can raise my family in our warm cozy house.


  11. perfectly said.

    i have been hand gluing feathers onto a bluebird costume i have been working on for wynn and we are supposed to have rain and 20 mph winds here halloween night. drat!

  12. I love those "specialists". I had one tell us we had a one in a million chance of ever getting pregnant. Well, four pregnancies later, I guess we can know that God is the best "specialist" around. :)

  13. Grilled cheese for my two little girls this evening, too!

    I remember being told by my GP that she "was surprised when anybody in their 30s got pregnant..." I left her office clutching a referral to a fertility clinic ... I cried all the way home thinking i would never conceive... and guess what... I was already two weeks pregnant.

    Doctors... Bah.

  14. I love this! I'm praying for my high school girl, too because high school sure does stink! Maybe we should pray for each others girls... because a little extra prayer never hurts!

  15. I love this! I'm praying for my high school girl, too because high school sure does stink! Maybe we should pray for each others girls... because a little extra prayer never hurts!

  16. Sarah, I read this post the day you originally posted it and was so encouraged.

    I went back to it today (who does that?!?!) because I remembered it.

    I really think you should go see that doctor! Not to throw his stats in his face, it is his job to be realistic with patients and manage expectations. BUT to show him your little miracle 1% baby. It IS possible.

    This post so encourage me. I'm 41. "Single never married" (oh how I hate that phrase). I've wanted to be a wife and mother my entire life. Not God's plan thus far.

    BUT I haven't given up home. While I rest in His plan, I also long for my dream and I think that's OK.

    While Janey isn't your first little blessing, she is equally as special and unique.

    Oh, and yes, high school friendships can be SO hard! You are a good Mama to pay attention and be a safe person for your daughter.