We are having beautiful autumn days here.  
I wrote to my brother in Ireland one morning and said, "You would love this day.  It's warm and the air smells good and there is just enough breeze to whip the leaves around."
And he wrote back, "Abe and I will be right over on my bike."
I wish. 
That would be one long wet bike ride.

What is it about warm autumn days that make me a little homesick and reminiscent of childhood days? 
I remember running home, off the bus, eager to get outside and play.
There was always a little excitement in the air-maybe it's because I adored Halloween so much and counted down the days, or maybe it was just all the change going on in nature.
I still feel the same but have to fight the feeling of dread I feel about the coming long cold dark winter months.

Meanwhile, Janey and Patrick and I take a little walk around the block once or twice every day, collecting leaves and acorns, and soak up the sunshine.


  1. Lovely picture. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Striking photo. Love your description of fall.

  3. I often think about how such a wonderful beautiful season such as Autumn comes right before winter. Dreadful winter, ick! Thank goodness for the Holiday Season or I don't think I could make it through. I'm always so sad when we have to change our clocks back and it gets dark so so early. I know it is the preparation for the Holidays that lifts my spirits.
    Sarah your words often make me feel my childhood again and I thank you for that gift.

  4. Changes in seasons make us newly aware of how the world can feel, I think. We must forget with the three seasons before, and as we remember, related memories come flooding back.

  5. I love that feeling. The colors have been brilliant this year and today will be our last gorgeous day. I am trying to enjoy them, but life keeps getting int he way. The weekends have been chilly and rainy, so family activities are not always what we hope for. I try to enjoy what we can, though...I love your photo. I am working on a post and snagged a bunch of photos that Billy took in the back yard and he took one looking up a tree....although our leaves are not as colorful as yours! Enjoy the day...be mindful of it...and try not to think too far ahead....

  6. Beautiful picture! Birch tree?

    Fall always makes me nostalgic for my college years... I was in Maine for BEAUTIFUL autumns. College football games, walks through the leafy quad, etc. Every fall since, I always need to get myself in check and remind myself that life is pretty good right now, too. And I still get beautiful fall vistas.

  7. You described perfectly the way I am living this glorious (southern Indiana for me) Autumn this year. And that nostalgic feeling...oh...I am experiencing that more than ever this year. It's time for another trip back home to Italy. It has been over three years now.
    But I live in thanksgiving daily.
    Thank you for blogging.

  8. I live north of you... much further north. I hate winter, too. They keep telling me that I need better clothes, or that I need to ski or find "some winter sport". Uh. Yeah. Not buying it. Still hate winter and ours is easily five months. I could cry just thinking about it. It's bad enough that we have considered moving to Europe, just to escape it. A big move.

  9. (but Fall, Fall is gorgeous!) Easily my favorite season.

  10. Sarah you have to approach winter differently. I try to see the joy in the solitude of the winter months. I love the posssibility of a storm when we all will get stuck home together and not have any responsibilities (I say this as we are all hunkering down waiting for Sandy to hit). I especially loved it with a new baby. I just love the idea of having the quiet and the buffer that snow provides. No vistors or outside intrusions. Janey will be around 6 months and hopefully starting t sleep through the night and on a nap schedule. Just think of all the winter projects you will be able to get done! When all else fails....Get a spray tan!!1(ha!Ha!) (I know you already know all this because you are Obi-Wan of motherhood!)