The Kid's Bathroom

It's finally finished.  Why do all projects take SO long around here-and we don't even do them ourselves!  I think it's because I'm too nice...honestly.  I really had the goal of having this bathroom all new and ready to go by the SECOND week in June, darn it.  Of course it's worth the wait.

I still have to hang some pictures that Abbey drew of mermaids and fish when she was little.  I had every intention of getting the frames and mattes last week but it's on the back burner now-I missed the Michaels frame sale and will have to wait till the next one.

Everything is really plain.
Everything is really easy to clean-that was my goal.
Nothing is terribly creative-or creative at all!

Here's some vague before pictures.  It might not look too bad but what you don't see doesn't hurt you-the floor tile was old and dull and stained, the inside of the tub/shower was outfitted with major handicap pieces everywhere and the wall tile was chipping and discolored, the walls and ceiling itself was chipped and peeling because the fan didn't work, the sink was so hard to clean and constantly leaked, I can go on and on....you get it.  I am wondering now why it took me so many years to get to this project because I love the new finished result so much.

And now:

Shower curtain, rug and stool from Pottery Barn Kids.

I love these cheap but good quality, new towels from Walmart...I bought lots in all different colors.

Tile floor from Lowe's.

I initially bought 2" wood blinds, but then changed my mind.  I love having this window opened and the bathroom aired out and I didn't want the kids pulling the blinds up and down to do so.

I decided on canvas curtains from Lowes on a simple silver curtain rod, with rick-rack from Hobby Lobby .  I cut the curtains to length and then used fabric glue to hem and attach the rick-rack. 

No fancy tile...I am OK with never scrubbing shower tile for the rest of my life.  This one piece system is the love of my life.

And that's it.
All it takes is a few Lysol wipes while I'm watching Patrick in the bath and we're all cleaned up.
Heaven, I'll tell you.

(Here is the formula for the light green paint color-it is the perfect light limey green.)