Summer Kick-Off Memories

Just catching up on summer pics:
A quick little day trip to Cedar Point, an awesome amusement park, right when school let out-
(Andrew and Uncle Joe)
I still can't believe how brave Andrew was! We are talking rides that look like this and this:

Before we left Andrew had the height requirements all down-there was one that was going to be a bit iffy in terms of height measurement-that 54" Raptor. He then set about perfecting the neck stretch because he was determined to get on. The first attempt failed by a hair, but the second time: mission accomplished!
Meanwhile, Patrick, Jeff, and I (and usually Matthew or sometimes Isaac or the whole gang) hung out at Camp Snoopy (my favorite -- never too crowded, lots of shade, old-fashioned cute rides) or in the little guys section of the park.
I was really proud of my older kids who took a break from the thrill seeking to volunteer to accompany Patrick on some of the rides he needed a 'responsible' adult to ride with. Usually that's me -- but not this year obviously. There were also plenty of rides he could manage by himself. He met the Peanuts gang (no lines!) and was happier than ever.
Patrick's favorite rides were the "fast trains"-what he calls roller coasters. The Woodstock Express (pictured below) and the Jr. Gemini (above with Isaac and Abbey.)
We also took advantage of the one ride I could go on -- the sky ride. Thank goodness Patrick loved it also, and it saved us both some slow walks from one side of the park to the other.
We also found another favorite of mine: an air conditioned Tofts ice cream shop.
We had such a good time together and called it a day at dusk -- just as everyone (OK, two people . . . Patrick, who was SUCH a good little trooper the whole day, and me) were reaching our maximum amusement capacity -- hence the tears from pure exhaustion.
About two minutes later:


  1. I remember going there as a kid and used to love it, though now I can't imagine the stomach ache it would give me! Looks like so much has changed since I've been last. Nice to see an example of a larger family going as I have trouble imagine taking my 5 when they're old enough... clearly it's possible! (Memphis Kiddie Park will just have to do in the meantime!)

  2. We live near Six Flags St. Louis and my family LOVES amusement parks. We always try to bring along another adult for extra hands with the kids and to sneak in a few thrill rides ourselves. Our biggest trick is to eat in the car before we go in so nobody is hungry for awhile and luckily we live close enough, have season passes, so I don't feel guilty when our trips are usually under 4 hours.

  3. This is not about amusement parks, sorry! It's about a book I think you'd like. It's called Tisha, and it's about a 19 year old girl who goes to Alaska for a year to teach (in 1927). It's a lot like Mrs. Mike but not quite as sad!

  4. Oh I love Cedar Point! It looks like you all did so well and that the weather cooperated fully, too! The neck stretch story killed me! So dang cute! I love the pic of your brother and son, too, and I wish I was n that ride now! Unfortunately, the daughter who was a fellow thrill-seeker has moved 750 miles away and my sons who are still here are NOT thrill seekers!

    Your family is great at making things work, and so are you at teaching them!

    I keep thinking any day now I am going to log on to your blog and see that new Little precious one and I can't wait to meet him or her!

    Take care!

  5. our favorite amusement park is knoebels - free parking, free admission (rides take handstamps and/or tickets), enough thrill rides for the big kids and a great kiddie land for the little ones. the food is great and there are pavilions for picnics - a lot of families have reunions there.

    becos of the split in ages of my kids, we have to split forces, with me taking the boy (9) on his thrill rides and hubby and the grandparents chasing after the twins (3) in kiddie land. being able to text one another is really helpful - hubby would tell me what ride they were at, and i could text back that we were still stuck waiting in line.

  6. I grew up outside Detroit so we went to Cedar Point every summer. Now I'm in WI but I tell my boys that someday I will take them. The problem is that now that I'm older, there's NO WAY IN H*** I would go on some of those coasters - they are on their own! Esp the Millenium Force. Who in the WORLD would go on that thing??? I went on it ONCE in my late 20's and cursed my brother the whole way up that big hill because he had talked me into it.

  7. I love the look on the faces, it's priceless. I most definitely do not do amusement parks. I can do Disneyland, but I have to be careful what I ride on. I have Meniere's Syndrome (inner ear imbalance)and one wrong turn can turn me into a vomitting , useless mass in no time. Sorry TMI. I'm not a big fan anyway. My husband g takes the kiddos to the amusement park around town and they have a great time.

  8. Top Thrill Dragster is probably my favorite ride of all time! I miss a lot of things about Ohio, and Cedar Point is near the top of the list!
    I live in Seattle now, but someday when she's old enough, I'll be taking my daughter out there to ride with me.

    Susan R. - my husband will be happy to hear you can handle Disneyland. He has Meniere's too, but he really wants to go there.

  9. Growing up in Michigan, Cedar Point was a place we visited yearly. I have fond memories of the place.

  10. We go to King's Island, the kids love Camp Snoopy (we have it at KI too) but we have really gotten our money's worth out of the water park at KI. We live about 15 minutes away from the park and got passes this year. Best money spent all summer ! I am a roller coaster chicken but my husband loves them. Our son is following in his daddy's footsteps ! Cedar Point is fun...I still remember riding the Iron Dragon years ago. My cousin talked me into it....I had no idea what I was in for !

  11. We've never done amusement parks with our kids... they are still too little for all the rides. But one thing I learned when going to them frequently with friends as a young, single adult.... take a nap right after lunch. Get your hand stamped, bring a picnic and find a quiet park. Eat and then lie down and either sleep or try to for an hour or so. That makes the afternoon go SO much better! And make sure to take plenty of water and get the periodic snocone or ice cream cone or slushie to give you a sugar boost and help you stay cool. Those things are life savers during the mid and late afternoons at an amusement park!

  12. My due date was yesterday...and still pregnant! And yes I was waddling around Cedar Point twice in the past week trying to "walk" this baby out. Guess it didn't work :)

  13. I love Cedar Point. I went the 2nd week in June right before all the vacations started. It was by far the best Cedar point experience ever. No lines and the weather was perfect! I went with my little cousin and I tell you what, If I ran into there I would have been so tickled pink. My cousin would have thought I was nuts. 15 yr old boys don't understand. I have been going to Cedar Point since I was 7. I try to go atleast every other year. Sounds like you guys had a good time. It's hard with little ones to have such a long day there. Sounds like your plan turned out well. I am glad you all had fun. Anytime I travel and people ask me where I am from they always ask about Cedar Point. America's Roller Coast! :-)

  14. As you know, CP is an annual family reunion for us! We stay at the hotel to make the day bearable! Well, we stay there for more days and enjoy the beautiful beach! I love it - we do the same things every year in a big group - 25 or so of us! That way partners for everyone. Can't believe how daring the kids are! I managed Millenium this year - although my hands are tingling by the end of the ride! We happened to be in there on Friday the 13th and all kinds of strange things were happening. Power blips that caused a couple coasters to stop on the way up (we weren't on!). That circle ride - the whole group was stuck on it (only for minutes)....before they could get off. I don't like anything with a harness - too claustrophobic! Give me the Blue Streak any day!

  15. We live just a few hours from Cedar Point but haven't been yet. Maybe someday.... I just can't get over the super high cost.
    I just read Joy's comment about the book Tisha and it is my FAVORITE book! Love it so much. I try to read it every year and each time it is just as good.

  16. Last time I was at Cedar Point was for our eighth grade class trip. For some reason the school goes to Washington D.C. now. LOL The teens go to CP and love all the big coasters we usually take the younger ones to Kings Island. Looks like you had a great day!

  17. Aww, I grew up going to Cedar Point with my cousins. Reading that list of coasters and rides made it all come back...racing on the Gemini over and over again, the Blue Streak, with its shoddy lap bar (we loved it!), the Mean Streak and its insane bumpiness and the Magnum, so smooth and just plain awesome! Happy, good times.

    Four kids and many years later I can't do those roller coasters like I could in my youth, but Cedar Point will always have a special place in my heart. My mom still lives in the central part of that state, so I imagine one of these days we will visit her and take the littles. What a poinant time that will be-when I am the parent at a place from my childhood.

  18. So fun! I have not been to Cedar Point, but my sister has. It looks like a fun place.

    Ok, I don't want to be one of those annoying commenters, but I am worried about your car seat. Patrick is not safe in it. His ears need to be one inch below the top of the seat. Also a 5 point harness would be way safer. The seat you have is beyond expired for use.