A Week's Plan with Summer In Mind

A beautiful weekend!  Who would have though it was possible!

Summer is in the air, and I love it.  I'm so excited for:
1. No school.
2. Open windows.
3. Beach vacations.
4. Warm air.
5. Sunshine.

On Sunday, I had a rather large burst of energy.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and even though the day contained a baseball, lacrosse and soccer game, I decided that Sunday was the first day of the "get ready for summer" week.  

On my list for this week:
1. Finalize vacation plans.
2. Weed out closets. (Yes, I did this over Lent, but now that it is officially summer, I really really weed out...winter clothes go to a separate section of the closet, and I have noticed that the boys all need fresh t-shirts. I filled 2 bags with Goodwill items. I am also planning on getting to that awful garage and attic that I procrastinated in spring.)
3. Come up with a loose summer schedule, some rules and some chores. 
4. Buy a big fat watermelon.
5. And some new flip-flops.
6. And our pool passes.


  1. I had the same idea. Going to the YMCA today. But I am also headed ot the library to sing up for summer reading and childrens cookbooks. I am going to have the children start helping with dinner and coming up with ideas.

  2. oh you are a a brave woman -- doing attic in the summer! ours gets so hot i avoid it all costs...we've been in florida for the last 3 weeks and have traded the miserable spring home has been having for that perfect beach vacation. the summer is starting with good decisions. :)

  3. My list is about the same. I'm plugging free area events into the calendar today as well...always nice to see what is going on!

  4. We are out of school today! Horray .. except still cold, so we are packing it up and heading where it's warm. SC coast, here we come. Happy summer to you Sarah!

  5. Sounds like a fun week! Except for the attic cleaning :)

  6. That sounds like the perfect summer plan! And what's a summer without a big fat watermelon? I'd love to hear more about your summertime rules & chores. I need to come up with a plan for that. It would be nice to get off to a great start like that.

  7. We're so ready for summer over here too! My husband's a teacher is DONE, but the kids have 2 more weeks!!

  8. Flip Flops on sale 40% off at the Gap! They are REALLY cute too!

  9. Yes a post on what you do in the summer would be MUCH appreciated! My kids have had year round school until this year and will have the summer off. I am excited to have them home, but we live in the desert and it's blazing hot in the summer and trying to keep them busy and not watching too much TV or playing too many screens is going to be challenging!

  10. i keep thinking summer would be awesome if i had a nanny.
    she could take them to the places i loathe and i could still have some quiet time. :)
    ha ha ha
    i am in denial.
    i keep pretending it not going to happen.

  11. Oooohhh!! Enjoy, I'm jealous :) Spring is still just coming where I live! And yes it's mid-May... I love that you're going to keep your schedule open. I just wish you would write post after post on how you let some unimportant things (busyness) go.

  12. I've bought 2 watermelons this week and they were divine! yep, summer is here and we are almost ready.....almost!

  13. Sounds fun - I just bought some books to help keep the kiddos at least a little engaged over the summer, already got their flip flops and just need to bring on the watermelon!

  14. It would be so great if you could write a post with an example of a loose schedule. I have 3 at home ranging from 10 to 7 months and would love to know how you do it. Also, what's your opinion on age appropriate chores? I always look to your blog for advice on parenting. Thank you for that.

  15. i just adore reading your blog! such grace and love you have for your family and it always makes me smile. i wanted to also say that i totally tucked the "just cross your arms" thing away for later with kids but also a great thing for me to remember when i am feeling frustrated. it's another way for us to root ourselves in the course of anger or frustration. great adivce!