Ordinary Days

Patrick's new obsession: baseball.  He would let me pitch to him for hours and hours.  He carries a bat and ball and mitt with him everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.

I have been eating really healthy lately.  I started feeling really run down and nutrient-depleted at the end of March, like my body was just crying out for vitamins, and instead of complaining about it like I was doing,  "I feel olllddd"-I just decided to do something about it.  About 90% of my diet is now fruits and vegetables.  I feel so much better.

I love this house in my little town.  I love the ivy, I love the porches (an even bigger one in back) but most especially I love the third floor...see those little windows up there?  If you had a third floor (and maybe you do?) what would you make of it?  I could dream about that for hours.


  1. Question for you...when you eat really healthy do you find yourself getting hungrier sooner? I notice this with myself. I eat a really healthy meal and I eat until I'm totally full and satisfied but an hour later I'm STARVING. Then all I want is a slab of bread or a box of crackers.

  2. Congrats ont the diet. I just ate at Five Guys and I'm feeling a little heavy :)
    That house is gorgeous. We are about to build a house and are hoping it will work to add a third floor attic space that we can finish off later. I don't even know what we would do with it, but it just sounds fun!

  3. Patrick is so cute. Darling picture. All I have to say is: Little boys are SO different from little girls!

  4. A bunch of nothing sure looks great! What kind of dressing did you put on that bad boy...meaning your awesome looking salad? It looks so colorful and delicious. Wait...please tell me you put dressing on that! :) I am trying to eat more veggies lately too...salads seem to be the best way for me to do that consistently.


  5. The picture of Patrick is adorable! And, that salad...yum!! I so need to do what you are doing as I am feeling totally depleted right now! What a beautiful old home. And, I agree the 3rd floor would have so many wonderful possibilities. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Fun! I love, love, love your neighborhood! I really hope to find something like it when we move.
    I think I need the diet switch too...

  7. I love them random thoughts posts. I have a third floor, and it's our master bedroom. I love that it's a little getaway from the kids, and all of our window views are of trees, so it feels like being in a tree house. It's really magical on snowy days.

  8. Our family made the decision to eat healthy about a year ago. It is amazing what it can do for you!! My hair even looks better! :o)

    Growing up, we had a third floor to our house. I had it all to myself b/c my younger sister wanted to sleep on the second floor in a room next to my parents, so I had my own room and my own TV room, and my own mini-kitchen. What a spoiled little princess, I hear you! :o) But it was pretty cool having my own space like that, especially when I'd have all my girlfriends over!

  9. Wow, Patrick is starting to look more like Jeff now! Your salad looks delicious - I actually scrolled down and said "Wow, that looks yummy!" before I even read about it. =) I need some more vegetables in my life, maybe I will make one of those.
    Also, I want to move to your town. You have the cutest homes there (including your own)!

  10. I have been on my version of the 17 Day Diet for almost two weeks and feel so much better but am so hungry most of the time. :)

    I love that house too, every town has "that house", doesn't it? I have one in a neighboring town that I swoon over every time I drive by....

  11. Just caught up on posts. I am "re-grouping" today also. LOVED the post about looking back. I remind myself on a regular basis that as hard as this seems right now that Teenage decisions are MUCH harder and this is the simple stuff (even when it doesn't feel that way).

    I love parenting and hope that I can find beauty in every stage but I know my little sweet little 10 month old daughter and 4 year old boys have some sassy years ahead. :)

    And as far as "romanticizing" I look back at my twin boys months as infants which were CRAZY and it seems simpler to me so I think it is just a mom thing. I agree that, that is how I WANT to look back at things. I want to see the beauty.

    Anyways, good insight. I hope this makes sense my brain is feeling a bit mushy at the moment. :)

  12. The third floor reminds me of the story "Pollyanna" where she tells her aunt that she must be the highest up in the entire house.
    Anyway, I would make the third floor into a library, quiet room. Ha! Who am I kidding? It would end up becomming the place where my kids bring all their toys, leave them sitting around and I would just have one more floor to clean. I'd vote to remove the third floor and vault the ceilings of the second floor.
    OR (I just thought of this) it could become an entire guest floor.

  13. I have been visiting for quite some time and I wanted to finally leave a comment to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. It is uplifting and happy. I am a relatively new mama and I appreciate all of your wisdom and insight. Thank you for helping to make my day- I always look forward to your posts!

  14. i need to eat better too.
    who doesn't i guess.

    that house is gorgeous.
    love brick houses.
    i always thought i would live in a brick house when i "grew up" .

    maybe i still will some day....

  15. I often wish we had a second floor, yeepers I would love a third floor! I don't know how it would be running up and down stairs all the time but I don't think I would mind it. I could think of a million ways to fill a third floor. It would be a great man cave where I could store my hubby while he watches sports, a library, a creative play area, oh I could go on. I dream about such space!!!

  16. I wish I had your willpower, I desperately need to start eating more healthily but my willpower is 0! I'm planning on making a start over the weekend but may suffer a bit next week when it's my birthday ;o) xx

  17. Sarah, I totally agree about the worn down and heavy feeling. One of my favorite websites is www.eatingwell.com There I saw a "meatless May challenge" and they give you three calorie daily meal plan menu for all 28 days of May. I'm going meatless for 5 of 7 days and I lost 8 lbs in 5 days so far. I feel so much better and amazingly sustained throughout the entire day. Happy Friday!

  18. There's an old house across the street from us that has a third floor. I've heard that back in the day the third floor was a ball room. Wouldn't that just be cool?

  19. He is sooo cute.

    That house is awesome. We have a victorian and gutted our small third floor. We made an office/guest room and playroom (with huge storage closet!).

  20. Here's what we did with our third floor.....


    I read once that one thing that young children need is some space that is theirs, where they make the rules, they have control etc. That's exactly what this is. We clean it up once a month and in the mean time it's a disaster. It's hard for adults to even get up into (it's really made for people under 5 feet tall) so the kids feel like it really is their own secret hide out. I love it. And I love the fact that we were too cheap to put sheet rock over the insulation....makes it different from any place any kid has been.

    love the idea of eating mostly fruit and veggies. I love how simply Michael Pollan puts healthy eating: eat food. not a lot. mostly plants.

  21. Do you have any good salad recipes now?
    Third floor spaces intrigue me too. I have an attic that I wish we can bust through the roof and make it something special, for now it stores all our holidays.