An Easy Dinner

Lately these have been a big hit at my house.
I thaw the little frozen Rhodes buns that look like this:
And use them make hamburger buns for little sliders that look like this:IMG_2134
I also make french fries in my deep fryer.  I never thought I’d get much use out of my deep fryer but I do use it at least 3 times a month.  Baked fries…sorry, they just don’t do it for me.  The greasy unhealthy kind?  Those are the best.  With lots of ketchup.
Remember my big vegetarian kick last year during Lent? 
Ha ha ha ha.  You can laugh at me.  Well, with me.
Because I’m laughing too.


  1. Ha ha! So good you can laugh at... I mean with... yourself. :) If you want an even easier supper, try this: Fill the grill with homemade burgers (and sliders) freeze them in meal sized portions and then steam them on the stove to reheat for a quick supper. They stay beautifully moist and the extra grdease drips away as they heat.

  2. Soooo going to make these on Friday!!!! Thanks Sarah!

  3. Dear Sarah, I really enjoy reading your blog! Would you do a post on the beautiful Dresden Plate Quilt in your January 2011 header? I'd like to see the whole quilt, and make one myself. I've only seen two Dresden Plate quilts before.
    I've never seen one that mixes solids with prints and I know I could do that. I have lots of baby colored fabric...
    (Just what I need, another project...BUT!! it would use up fabric out of my stash!)(And keep me sane these cloudy winter days...)

  4. Happy New Year, Sarah! Have a funny blogging year ;-)

  5. hmmm a fryer for the fries.
    good idea!
    i have only used mine for wings.
    i may have to try this.
    and thank you for giving me an idea for dinner! i loathe deciding every dang day what to make for dinner.
    now...i can grab some buns at the store after my errands and be ready when it's time for dinner. you rock.

  6. Ruth Ann...my grandma who lived to be 102, or was it 103? made that quilt. It is beautiful and a keepsake for sure. I think she made 100's of quilts in her lifetime. I will fit in a post with the full picture and honor my grandmother for sure.

  7. That looks so good! And besides, everyone needs a little meat (and deliciously greasy french fries) in their diet ;)

  8. Do you have Five Guys? Your burger and fries look just like the ridiculously delicious lunch I had yesterday! (I worked out a tad bit harder today as a result of the guilt.)

    But boy does it look good!

  9. This looks good too. We have been eating the mini pizza's that you shared with us back in December. My kids love them and they taste so good.

  10. i'm so hungry and that dinner looks so good.

    that dinner is going on my meal plan for this week.

  11. I'm not laughing....I'm hungry after reading this! Yum!

  12. Those look terrific! I still love your Mexican Casserole recipe from your foodie blog - a favorite of ours :)