Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Boy

Andrew is seven today.
Yesterday he was only six.
Then he went to bed, (so excited) and woke up a whole year older.
Why does it seem so easy, but hurts my heart and racks my brain?
How do the years go so fast?

Just yesterday he was my sweet little baby, born with a full head of hair and dark sparkly eyes and a chronic case of colic that I can honestly look back fondly on.  It was us against his stomach and we came out champions.

A new bike. 
And a few other things...most especially a Lock Box to keep all his hard earned money safe...something he's been reminding me he wanted all year long.  (And boy, is that kid good at savings.  He almost always decides to save instead of spend.)
He wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with blue "trim" he called it.  I get pretty nervous with cake requests...I am NOT a good cake frosting-er.  As you can see.

Hope you had a great day Andrew.
We love you.


  1. Hi!! I have followed your blog for some time now. I really enjoy it!! I had to comment today. My little one is 7 today too!! It hurts my heart! So happy birthday to Andrew!!!

  2. my boy turns 7 in a month. i don't even want to think about it. when did my baby turn into a beaner? seemingly overnight! happy birthday to your guy!

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I really love your perspective on things. Sorry I don't comment more often.
    Funny - my little boy turned 7 today too! We said the same thing when he went to sleep last night - this is your last night going to bed as a 6 year old...
    Happy Birthday to Andrew!

  4. I love this age-it seems they go from being "babies" to KIDS in one fell swoop. I know that you will miss your cuddly little boy as he grows but just remember inside of every grown up guy is a Mama's Boy! I know! Diana

  5. I have two young daughters and I would love them to stay this way forever... but every year that turns they're a little more independent, so for the time being I hold onto every day that she 'wants' to share with me!

  6. it's a good day for a birthday. my daughter turned 3 today.


  8. I love your blog...have been reading for about 4 months now. I really "get" your perspective on parenting and family. My children also go to a Catholic school in town and I particularly enjoyed your repost on parent volunteering...forwarded the link to a few friends!
    Happy Birthday to your very handsome son!

  9. I love your pictures... a little peek of his life in photos! A very Sweet birthday post!

    Sorry I have been MIA... lost in the land of summer and barely blogging! ;)

  10. So bittersweet! My oldest is about to turn seven as well. It sounds so old (sniff)!

    Happy birthday, Andrew!