Finally Off The Sidelines

He has spent his first 6 years watching all his silbings play soccer.  (And they have all given up the sport, after all those games!)

FINALLY, he has the chance to be on the field.

We have a little 6 game season soccer program that works perfectly...no travel, no long practices.
And the best ever...Jeff signed up to be the coach.

The main duties of coaching at this age:
1. Tying shoes.

2. Pointing to the right goal.


  1. LOVE the pic of Jeff and Andrew. This is the best age to watch, because they usually love it no matter what the outcome. And six games is perfect.

  2. still trying to decide if we are going to do the whole soccer thing. it seems like a great team building sport, but am I selfish for not wanting to give up every weekend committed to soccer games? That 6 game schedule sounds perfect.

  3. I love the "pointing to the right goal" picture...that is so true!!
    Wow, six games does sound perfect!
    Dave has coached the girls for the last 2 years.
    They all love it...me?...not so sure...I feel so protective of all those Saturdays!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  4. Sarah,

    Loved both posts about the sports. That's so funny how kids (I think especially boys) fantasize about being the star. Tying shoes-you speak the truth girl. I'm a horrible mother but I still buy my youngest velcro shoes. Have a good weekend.

  5. Sarah,

    I loved both posts about the sports. I think every little boy pictures himself being the savior of the team. Tying shoes, what's that-I still buy my youngest velcro. I know, I'm a horrible mother.

  6. LOL, my dad coached my little brother's team and one kid was peeing in the goal! :) (They were not Andrew's age, they were like 4)...

  7. So adorable!!
    Doesnt matter the sport...at those young sapling ages, they're all the same :)

    I love the pointing picture as well - captures a coach in action :)

  8. Eve played at this age, too. It was so funny, she just kind of skipped around the field, flailing her arms the whole time, and yes, got sick of it after just a few games. We haven't played since.

    Tell Andrew we think he looks awesome!

  9. We've always called it 'magnet ball' because all of the little kids follow the ball around in a group like it's a magnet pulling them around the field. Hilarious!

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha that last picture!!! Sophia will be starting soccer in the fall, after much begging. I've been VERY reluctant to give up Saturdays as the only day we don't have to get up and GO somewhere, but she's also been talking about it for a year.

    Go Andrew!

  11. This was great! I love the picture of pointing to the right goal. Kids are so cute playing soccer.

  12. So glad your husband knows his goals. Some coaches think they are coaching for the world cup.

  13. My 4 year old son is playing soccer this year too - his first time... It is quite comical to watch - we call it "herding cats" :) Enjoy your posts so much.. have a great day!

  14. Awww how sweet. Seriously, Andrew is so cute. It reminds me of my son, he played t-ball for 2 years. This year is his first year of machine pitch baseball. I guess he thought he would automatically be hitting homeruns. I have had lots of talks with him about it. We're working on the 'tude that he has. I am praying he gets better. :)