Happy Birthday Andrew!

You are 6 today!
The day you have been waiting 364 days for!

Birthdays always make me sad...I know I should be celebrating the fact that you are healthy and growing and all that sort of stuff, but it just goes so fast and I want to squish you back to the age you were last year and keep you like that forever.

You, the baby with all that hair!

The baby that had colic morning, noon and night, the one I "wore" 24 hours a day till you could sit up and crawl on your own. (I wouldn't squish you back to that age, cute as you were...you about did me in back then.)

Being #4, your toddlerhood went by in a wink...you worship those older kids you follow around now, and it was no different a couple years ago...you learned to talk fast, walk fast, hang with your siblings (at any cost!)...they couldn't say NO to you, although I'm sure they wanted to at times.

You are Daddy's twin...but Mommy's buddy.

I can never be lonely with you around, can I? You like to talk....you like to keep me busy...

...you are no loner that's for sure...the more the merrier....your attraction to all things "fun and exciting" keeps me young. Young and tired, but I'll take it, nonetheless.

Happy Birthday!
Here's a wish for a great big year of growing taller, learning to read, making lots of friends, and having FUN.
Love you Andrew!


  1. A beautiful family you have, Sarah! Happy Birthday, Andrew! If only you knew how much you should enjoy this time ... you'll wish you could come back once you have responsibilities and have to pay bills and be an adult. :)

    As the saying goes ... they grow up too fast. My daughter's going to be one in exactly three weeks!! I have no idea how that happened. Growing up is so bittersweet........

  2. What a handsome little man- 6 is wonderful, our Jack turned 6 on the 12th, H turns 3 tomorrow- can't believe it, watching get taller, smarter- Wishing him a wonderful year of happiness-

  3. He's a cutie-pie! That was a such a sweet birthday tribute. He sounds like one exciting and happy boy!!

  4. He is so darn cute! 6 is a great age. Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

  5. happy 6th birthday to your andrew! i really enjoyed reading about him & enjoyed the picture of him playing dress up with his big sisters!

  6. I cried at this post. I can't totally relate - birthdays make me sad too. It goes by too fast.

    I love your blog! I see me in so much of what you write and think about!