Isaac is 15!

Happy Birthday Isaac! You are not much different from that chubby baby you were 14 1/2 years ago. Yes, you've gained a couple pounds, and are no longer off the weight/height charts in comparison with your peers. But you are still:
1. Cute. Or handsome...whatever you prefer.
2. So friendly. When you were a baby in your stroller, I couldn't go anywhere without you making those around you smile and comment...you'd have that twinkle in your eye and that cute smile, and even the crabbiest citizens of the world couldn't resist your cheery temperament.
3. You are teaching us as much as we are teaching you...whether it's about diapers, or cell phone usage, we are learning together and I couldn't pick a kinder, gentler, more patient example for the rest of our family.
We all LOVE you Isaac. We are proud of the man you are becoming, SO proud of your first year in high school, and excited about the future!
Happy Fifteenth!


  1. Precious! Happy birthday to your son!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Hope you have a great one!:)

  3. WOW ... how did that happen? Seems like you just wrote about how he just turned 14.

    Happy Birthday to your handsome young man!

  4. So that makes you about 14 when you gave birth to him ;)

    Happy Birthday Isaac!

  5. Oh my how time passes. It makes me cringe inside really. Happy birthday Isaac!!

  6. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday kiddo! Listen to your mom!

  7. HBD Isaac! 15...holy smokes! That is great!

  8. Happy Birthday to your son! Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your blog. We have four children of our own and I'm always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration. I love your writing style and you look like a very happy family.

  9. Oh, a fine, handsome son you are raising!

    As of today, I have 3 teens in the house! Have pity on me. PS, my mom broke her ankle really bad, so more hospitals...

  10. OK...I love that title!!!!!

    Hope the Birthday was a grat one!