Baby Torture

First, you find an older brother avoiding homework.
He sits on you and holds your arms, in a typical torture hold.
He cajoles his drooly baby brother to come join the fun. Baby brother spots good flesh when he sees it, and cooperates excitedly.
He kisses. Wetly.
He mauls. Not gently.
He threatens. As only he can do.
Mission accomplished.
(Don't worry...we got him back. But I had put my camera down.)


  1. Sadly (really, I'm not so sad), I never experienced the drool-boarding (Ha!) because I didn't have any siblings. But we totally have the baby-mauling happening at our house now!

    It's usually me who's torturing the kids, though. "Come on! Let her pull your hair, it's so funny!!!"

  2. So funny! My brother used to hold me down and give me wet willies. A wet finger in the ear!

  3. We had it the other way around at our house. My older brothers would hold me down and then give me raspberries or tickle my stomach with their long hair(circa '70's). Good times and torcher all at once!

  4. Oh, this is great!

    Our Little Guy (15m.) LOVES to attack his older brother (10)!

  5. With two older brothers, my daughter dealt with lots of drool boarding. She even misses those days occasionally:)
    Vail in MS

  6. I must confess that I myself do this to my second grader. I had better stop as I can only imagine how it would sound if he were to tell someone that his mother plops over him and drools and sucks it back in over and over while he laughs and screams.

  7. I think I invented the "drool trick" and the "tickle until you pee your pants or cry" trick. Thanks for being my experimental rat. haha. You could probably kick my ass now, though. So let's just forgive me, why don't we?! Katie

  8. You are so funny! I just love your blog!