Questions of the Day

1. Why can't I find the duct tape that I just bought and put in the garage?
2. Why are my good sewing scissors laying outside?
3. Why are all the bikes wound up and twisted with rope?
4. Why do I have sand all over my bathroom floor?
5. Why did my dryer stop drying clothes and start leaking water?

Answers to above questions:
1. Because Abbey made a big stop sign on the blacktop for Andrew so he doesn't go past the driveway and put the tape back in some mysterious place. I actually contemplated calling the school and asking her where the hell it is.

2. Has to do with either the first question or the third question I assume.

3. "Can you pull me into town?" Kip to Napoleon from our favorite movie. I can only imagine what the neighbors are thinking when my kids are flying down the street all connected to eachother in various ways.

4. Two boys thought it would be fun to create a river in the sandbox and then play in it...therefore, half the sandbox is in my bathroom where they took showers afterwards.

5. When I went to start the dryer, a loud clanking sound like something falling down from the vent was heard. I called an appliance place and made an appointment, then decided to try to fix it myself, instead of paying for someone to rip me off. The vent was clogged with tons of lint and that fixed the problem. (And hence the need for the missing duct tape.) I also happened to find a NAIL in the vent system (from someone's pocket I'm sure) and inside the dryer, a large gob of an unknown blue substance that was easily scraped off.

Happy Spring!!!!

1 comment:

  1. mom, the duck tape is in my cubby and i have nothing to do with the bikes thrown all over the garage.
    so there!!