Spring Break

Why I Hate Winter in March:
1. It snows on Easter but not on Christmas!
2. Major lack of sunlight causes incredible amount of crabbiness.
3. Body fried from furnace heat.
4. Mind fried from too much TV.
5. Brown grass, brown dead leaves, gray trees and a white sky gets old after 5 months.
6. Dust, dirty windows, and staring at the inside of the same old house gets old after 5 months.
6. Everyone is sick of eachother.
7. Everyone looks sick.
8. Everyone is sick.

Why I Am Promising Myself That We Will Go On Spring Break Every Year From Now On:
1. Breathing warm fresh air, eating fresh food, and walking outside without freezing your butt off can cure anyone of anything.
2. Buying cute summer clothes, pool toys, tanning lotion and bathing suits the week before is so much fun.
3. Seeing the kids dressed in cute summer clothes, playing on the beach, getting tan and swimming in the pool is even more fun.
4. Tan fat looks better than white fat.
5. Pizza by the pool, evenings on the beach, a good book, dumb magazines, Pringles, pop, sand castles, bike rides, kites, seagulls, gift shops, donut shops, flip-flops, and palm trees...

It might only be a week away from Winter in March, but it starts the ball rolling.