Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

After much hemming and hawing, I agreed (actually, was forced) to go on a short vacation to a cabin in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. That's Jeff's idea of a family vacation, not mine. (By the way, I questioned using the word "family" in that sentence. I don't doubt that some of us are reluctant participants in Jeff's obsession to visit many mountainous regions.) Anyways, Jeff had called and booked the place and if we didn't go this weekend, we'd have to use the cabin in the next 6 months. Talk about a monkey on your back. UGH!!! Don't need that looming over my shoulders. I also had the option of sending Jeff with the three oldest, but Andrew informed us that he was "going to the mountains" too. I couldn't handle the thought of the numerous anxiety attacks I'd have sitting here picturing my 4-year old repelling down cliffs, climbing slippery boulders or being expected to hike 6 miles without food or water. I had to go to ensure his safety.
So all seven of us set off to the beautiful hills of Kentucky to stay at the lovely Five Star Cabins. (Abbey is still questioning why they have the right to call themselves "Five Star"...we'd call them "One and a Half Stars" on a good day.)
Patrick and I hung out in the cabin most of the time, and Jeff and the kids explored the mountains. They all hiked many miles without complaint, and would come back rosy-cheeked, starving, filthy, and smelling of wet dead leaves. The baby and I even joined them on one occasion so we too could smell like leaves and explore the mountains.
We all did end up having a great time. None of my anxiety was warranted, and I admit that it was great to escape our little town. The views were beautiful. The drive there and back went unbelievably smooth. We all needed the fresh air, exercise and family time.
All said, as I was climbing out of the 4 foot-high hole in the ground (see picture above if you don't believe me) after navigating a pitch black cave with bats on the ceiling, I reserved the right to pick the destination of the next family vacation.
And y'all, it ain't goin' be Kentucky.

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  1. Mountain weiners?!?! I'll bet that got a few laughs!!