Favorite Kitchen Items

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 As I was going through my kitchen organization-40 Bags in 40 Days-I thought it would be useful to do a post on the things I have loved and were the most useful to me in my much used kitchen.  I've been a mom for 26 years and regularly feed many hungry mouths from sunup to sundown.  My kitchen works hard.  I've had some things forever, and other things it took me awhile to find what really worked and lasted.

My favorite frying pans are these.  They come in a set of three and are the best and longest lasting of any I've owned.

I've owned this set for decades and it's in tip top shape.  

I finally got rid of my old rusty muffin tins and bought these silicone muffin trays and I LOVE them.  Nothing sticks to these, and I don't have to ever buy the paper liners.

Thick microfiber cloths for cleaning.  I use these constantly for cleaning up spills, wiping down counters and all general cleaning tasks.  They are thick and wash up well. 

If you have a drawer for spices, these drawer liners are a great inexpensive way to keep them in place.   They can be cut to size also for different drawer lengths.

These stick on clear containers are perfect for keeping those little things easily accessible on cabinet doors.  I have them in several cabinets and use them daily.

We use this sandwich press weekly, if not daily.  The sandwiches come out evenly toasted and delicious.  Ham and cheese are our favorite.  The kids use this all the time too-easier than the stovetop for kids!

This set of four mixing bowls have been with me a long time.  I use them not just for mixing but for servings salads also. 

Something about serving kids food in a compartmentalized plate seems to make them eat more!  I've had these for two decades and we still use them.  

And last but not least.  I can NOT say enough about this vacuum and mop combination!  It is one of those inventions that I think I've prayed for.  It vacuums at the same time it mops with a microfiber rotating spinner and you can even roll it right over rugs-there is a special button for that-so you can clean all those entry rugs at the same time.  I use a capful of Mrs. Meyers cleaner with hot water.  This does not leave a sticky film.  Let me show you something:

The first time I used this mop I went over and over my floors and they were this dirty multiple times!  It was disgusting. They are now clean and I whip that mop out maybe twice a week instead of first sweeping and then going back over and mopping this does it all.

What I use for my floors-Mrs. Meyers Honeysuckle.


  1. Sarah, Thanks for the great recommendations. Do you use the Bissell on your carpets or a regular vacuum? Also, would you be able to post a photo of how you organize items under your kitchen sink? Thanks for all the advice and motivation. Your home is beautiful!

    1. Hi Marie! I use it on my wood floors and area rugs in the kitchen. I use a Shark Navigator for my carpets. Sure!

  2. You have a beautiful kitchen. I love your barstools -- where did you get them?

  3. I would love to try the Bissel, however, I have a large hairy dog and a small hairy dog. I'm not sure that it would be able to handle that. Do you have dogs? Just wondering how it would do. Thanks.

    1. I have a tiny dog that doesn't shed. I'm not sure-it does collect up everything though!

  4. The link to the sandwich press goes to the clear caddy, a different picture than the previous command clear caddy, but Not a sandwich press. I was interested in the sandwich press.
    Have you ever done a before and after of your kitchen remodel? My husband won't agree to all white kitchen cabinets and I keep looking for some pictures to show him. But you are under no obligation to bother with such a review of the past.
    I have a Farberware small pan with lid - 44yrs old now. The handle has to be tightened every so often, but it is a great little pan.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the sandwich press! I should have checked the link before I published it.
      I never did a before and after and that's a great idea.
      I love my white cabinets but they do show everything!