Ordinary Days

I am attempting to get into a rather regular schedule with every facet of my life and sometimes I feel like I am failing miserably. Cleaning, exercising, planning, cooking, painting, walking, friends, kids stuff, appointments-you would think it would be easier with no little guys at home, but it seems like sometimes I am a kite in the wind with no weight at the end of the it.  Maybe it's the constant changes this year, but I am getting there-I WILL get there where I can accomplish what I want to and need to with a calm consistency.  I used to fall right into some sort of schedule when school began-not so this year.  But 2020-in more ways than Covid-has been "a year".

My sweet little twin who is always right next to me and has been for 8 years now.  As much as we can be.  

I painted this table for a friend and it was a fun project. I am all caught up in my projects right now and that feels good.

When I'm alone in the evening, Sammy and I sometimes take a ride to watch the sunset.  He loves it - the breeze on his face and all the attention he gets at the park.  Sammy is 13 now and slowing down-he sleeps a lot and can't hear a thing but he still chases the kids like he did when he was a puppy.

Sweet little girl with the crazy blond hair.

Or the scary dog face.

Sent Matt off to school in covid-land, that's what college campuses are right now aren't they?  And those college kids just want to be there, and I get that.  Little risk for them to get really sick, get it over with, and stay there, don't come back home with it. 

Our back to school tradition at the apple orchard that doesn't involve apples, just donuts, is the best.

Cuties.  I remember each of them watching the bus leave as babies, with their older siblings on board. 

I'll always love this photo even though we all look a little weird.  I love being a mom more than anything in the whole world. Nothing has bought me more joy.  I think it was easier than ever back then before social media and too much advice and ideas and comparisons and being pulled by too much information. 

One kids favorite birthday present of all time.

The birthday dress Grammy sent.  

A small simple party with close friends to celebrate Janey turning eight.  

She wanted the same exact shoes in one size larger and was so excited when they were delivered.

We went to the bookstore to buy one book and take lots of photos for books to "order" from the library.  I wish I could just buy them all.  I think that is one thing I need to do before I die.  Go to a bookstore and just splurge.  Like twenty books all for me brand new and fresh one summer.  Whatever looks good.   Wouldn't that be a dream come true?  

September night sky.

Lots of birthdays in August and September.   Phew, it's always so busy these months and although it's easier when they are older, I always feel like "I did it!" when it comes to the end.  26, 24, 21, 17, 12, and 8 as of today.  


  1. Hi! Where did you get that scary dog mask? It looks exactly like our dog, Penny, and I would love to buy it for my kids!

  2. Sarah...what advice would you give to someone who was beating themselves up exactly like you are doing to yourself? You had a heck of a year...you are doing wonderfully even if you think you are not. You are showing up for those you love. There's more that I can write, and please forgive my candor in what I did share. I am honest to goodness in awe of you. Be kind to yourself. To everything there is a season. Allow yourself to have this seaoson of mourning as well as a season of regrouping. Sending you a virtual hug and all good things...

  3. i’ve always adored you, i always will adore you. i’m thankful you came back to this space. i am so very proud of you. i believe with my entire heart+soul that being a mom was what you were meant to be and your face, your heart, your words, your life, your testimony plays that out perfectly.

  4. Thank you for sharing this challenging time of school returns and our role as they aren't home all day now. I admire you and appreciate greatly your sharing your journey. These pictures made me realize I have followed you for quite a few years now & am amazed at how grown up your children are. Seeing your youngest as they prepared to return to school was so sweet. Best wishes to you!

  5. I always get so excited to see your blog is updated! I hope you keep writing. We need your voice in the world. 😊. You are my absolute favorite blogger and you have helped me so much as my kids have grown. I have adopted a lot of your ideas on gratefulness, how to implement hard work in our family and how to avoid comparison (which as we know has gotten even crazier as the years have gone by). My kids who were toddlers when I started reading are now entering the teen years. Yikes! Would love some perspective on going back to work vs staying at home even when kids are at school and how you decided that (and how do you explain your choices to others). Just love your perspective on life. Thanks for always being willing to be transparent. You are appreciated!!

  6. I so appreciate your blog and have enjoyed your gift ideas to use for my grandsons especially. You are a dear young woman who loves her children well in the Lord. Please be encouraged that you are doing and being just what you are needed to be. I am so glad to hear about you and your family. It always does my heart good to read how you are doing.....thank you.