Thinking, Playing, Reading


I usually link to a good essay or enlightening post from the internet in my "thinking" section but I've chosen to spend this summer just focusing hard on what I know to be true and quieting the outside world even more.  Not that it's "bad" at all-so many intelligent opinions and shared experiences and knowledge but sometimes I feel it's good to take a break and listen to our souls-what we already know is true, and what we have already learned - and to trust in our own experiences and those face to face serendipitous conversations with real people.


Since I've decided to cultivate my hobbies as time has allowed me in this new season of life I have been baking at least three times a week.  It's a good stress coping mechanism because it soothes me, it's something I can plan and get excited about (which is how you find your hobbies-what excites you and gives you energy!) and also feeds hungry insatiable children.  Janey loves to join me when she can.  All the rest of the kids are "cookers" instead of "bakers".  But it's fun seeing them in the kitchen (as long as they clean up right?)

My blueberry bread here.

A simple brownie mix, with about 2 TBS more oil added, put into cupcake tins (about 2/3 full, I used an ice cream scoop) and then half baked at 350 for 15 minutes.  Gooey in the middle, serve hot with vanilla ice cream.

I also tried this dessert using my snickerdoodle cookie recipe (I will post this soon) and it was equally delicious-bake at 350 for 8 minutes.  Vanilla ice cream was a little bland with the vanilla/cinnamon flavor of the snickerdoodles, what is a good suggestion?  Butter pecan? Hmmm:

I've been painting here and there mostly smaller pieces.  This table is to die for and will be in my booth soon (or email me if interested and local.). It's so pretty and original.  I have been going through a blue spurt and painting every shade of blue I can whip up.
Lots of fishing going on here, there and everywhere. 

And swimming.

And death defying, mom gasping, yelling out window "if you get heard you are going to pay for the ER!" tricks. The scooter is awesome and you can find it here. 

We've come up with a new racing Zingo that ends up with wrestling and lots of laughing and screaming and I'm sure will be taken too far one day and someone will be mad.


Patrick reads before bed every night and Janey and I take turns with some books we loaned from the library.  It is amazing to me how much beginner readers lose when they don't practice every day and I am trying to keep that reading muscle exercised when I am able.  We are taking turns with pages so she doesn't get frustrated.

I am reading this sweet series and it's just what I need.  Good clean stories, historical fiction, and sweet endings.  

The Robinswood Story: Books 1-3 by [Jean Grainger]

For non-fiction I am reading this book:

Isaac is reading this and I'm stealing it from him as soon as he is finished. (Thanks Matt.)

And this is our book club book for July.


  1. I just read, "When the Men were Gone" - a historical fiction, easy read. I think you would enjoy it.

  2. Hi Sarah!
    I love your book recommendations and usually go right to my library's website and start ordering. I too am trying to help my grandson (age 7) who I babysit over the summer to keep reading, alternating pages as you do. It is such a struggle. Even though I try to find books he will like, he still fights me on it. I think all of that time off of school has affected the kiddos in a negative way
    at least at my house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the table!! Great job!!

  4. It's good to see how your doing, and keeping busy and your family. Your such an inspiration, God bless you and your family Sarah! ♥