40 Bags in 40 Days-Post Two

Welcome to 40 Bags in 40 Days Post Two!

My bedroom was assigned this day.  I keep my bedroom extremely simple and just recently did a pretty redo so I'm going to share before and after photos also.




I LOVE IT!  The best thing is I bought nothing new!  It looks so bright and much bigger.  The sleigh bed was one I picked up long long ago at an outlet, and the bedside tables are from Pier One, ages ago.  The pillow is from an estate sale.  My quilt is from Overstocks.  I still have the comforter under the quilt I bought 27 years ago. I never use a top sheet in any beds, just a fitted sheet. It makes bed making easier.  I have one set of sheets for every bed.  I don't keep extras.

The lights were original to the house.  Abbey made me the Mom embroidery when she was young and in sewing class.  The little blue heart is something my sister-in-law made.  I found the white glass and pink flowers at an estate sale also, along with the wicker plant holder.  The curtains are bulk light canvas that I edged in ball fringe. (They are cut up high because I have a little dog that likes to pee on curtains. ;(

The carpet is new and so far I LOVE it.  It's called Mohawk Smart Strand Tailored Essence in Canvas.  I bought it because it has a great warranty and everything comes out.  So far that's true but it has only been a few months.  It is really soft but has the flat berber look that I like.

For me keeping my bedroom so simple means an easy 40 Bags in 40 Days cleanout.  I clean out my bedside table often.  Kids books and my books pile up underneath and the drawer can quickly get filled with notes and papers, etc.  (I will show you where I keep all those special notes and papers next time I post.)

I try always to use what I have and to have every object mean something to me personally.  Even the prints of the ferns mean something to me-I grew up in the beautiful woods and we had ferns everywhere so it reminds me of home.  I like sentimental items instead of just generic things from stores.  I use kid's pottery if possible to organize with-the last bathroom post shows my makeup drawer organized that way.  

About the paint:
For the furniture I used General Finishes to paint the bed in Antique White.  This is MY FAVORITE furniture paint.  No prep is needed but a good cleaning and maybe a very light sanding.  A topcoat isn't necessary either, unless it's a table top. I distressed it slightly on some edges and used a General Finishes glaze called Van Dyke Brown mixed with Floetrol that I wiped off for a very light effect.  I used that same paint on the frames and the tables-I sanded the top of the tables down with my electric sander and used a General Finishes top coat to protect.

The paint on the walls is Benjamin Moore Spanish White (943).  The trim in Benjamin Moore Dove White.

My closet it up next week, and on to Janey's room.

Have a great weekend!  I'll answer any questions you have in the comments or always feel free to email me.

Love, Sarah


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE how open and airy your bedroom looks! Such a place of rest!! Beautiful!!!

  2. I love your cleaning/organizing posts. I tend to be somewhat of a minimalist, but your posts inspire me to be even more so. Thanks for a great blog. --Etta M

  3. Your bedroom is beautiful. Do you think your bedroom carpet would work in a great room? Love the color.

    1. It's in the whole house and works wonderful everywhere. It's a medium color-not too light.

  4. Really beautiful! I'm in awe of how clutter-free your spaces are. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. This makeover is absolutely beautiful! I love how you keep everything so simple and clean looking. I am looking forward to seeing how you organize your closet!

  6. You are amazing! I think I need to simplify. I have way too many towels and sheets are they are all stuffed into my linen closet.