Baking For Christmas

I LOVE baking.  I bought so many cute fun things this year to package and share.  I'm going to include my favorite recipes and some links to make all these gifts look cute.

My favorite recipes for Christmas:

These shortbread cookies are something my mom used to make and VERY easy for little hands to help with.  Mix, roll, refrigerate, slice, sprinkle and bake.  

Caramel corn.  Definitely a little more time consuming but I love this stuff.  I am going to make some this year with double the "sauce" just for fun.

Chocolate chip cookies, my favorite recipe, which makes a big batch.

These cut out cookies are from an old old recipe-a perfect combo between sugar cookies and gingerbread-soft and just so delicious.

If you don't have time for cut out cookies, these sugar cookie bars are SUPER easy and delicious-Christmas sprinkles would make them festive.

Patrick's Hot Cocoa Cookies-amazing, amazing, amazing.

Cute packaging:

Baker's Twine-a set of multi-colored string
Baker's Boxes with Scalloped Edges
Small Baker's Bags (fits a personal amount of treats ie a few cookies)
Personalized Stamp (mine is very old but this is a similar stamp)
Cute tags at Amazon that fit the stamp also.
Wax bags for a few cookies.

image 0
I also bought these personalized baking stickers which are so convenient for the bags.


  1. Beautiful cookies! Thanks for all the suggestions!
    I made your sugar cookie bars a few times--- the first time I made them they turned out great, but the next two times I made them, the topping pretty much separated from the bar and when I tried to cut them, it was a disaster. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe I baked too long?

    1. No that has never happened! I'm sorry! Maybe they were in too long-when I take them out they look under baked-I always doubt myself, but they are perfect that way.

  2. Your shortbread cookies have been part of our Christmas traditions since you posted the recipe back in 2010. Every year our church does a church-wide Christmas fireside on the first Sunday in December in Salt Lake City. The fireside is broadcast over the internet for those of us (like me) who don't live in SLC. So, since 2010, each year my (now 10-year old) daughter and I have spent the first Sunday of the month of December making your shortbread cookies while watching/listening to this fireside on an ipad. We then put the cookies in bags and voila! Our neighbor gifts are ready to go, and that stress is off my plate.

    It's a tradition that be both look forward to and love. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.