Toddler Tips: The Question Game

This isn't just for older toddlers, but bored, or whiny, waiting-in-line, or car riding children of all ages (and I mean all-I've asked these of teenagers.)  It does two things-distracts, and also shows them that we are so interested in what they think and like and how their minds work.

It's so simple it's silly but I was reminded of this game on vacation when it was used with a whiny to-be-kindergartener that couldn't walk another step on a long hike back up a mountain.  We also play this at night when I don't feel like reading a book-they beg for it!

It's just a long bunch of quick simple questions-as long as you need it to be.

It started out being called "the liking game" and then another version was called "would you rather", and another version "guess who". 

What would you rather have - a chocolate bar or Skittles?
Would you rather have -spaghetti and meatballs or a hamburger?
What do you like better-orange or blue?
What do you like better-chocolate or vanilla?
What do you like better-Halloween or Christmas?
Would you rather live in a big city or the country when you grow up?
Do you like the beach or the mountains?
Would you rather be stuck on a boat or an elevator?
Would you rather hold a cock roach or a snake?

The "guess who game" is one little hint at a time about family members and close friends until they guess who it is.  We also do this with fairy tales, stories, and princesses that the younger kids are familiar with.  It cracks us up how quickly they get these.  Shows you how much they really do pay attention!

The possibilities are endless and kids LOVE this really-and can play for hours.


  1. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have your posts pop up in my feed again. :) What a great game. Thank you Sarah!

  2. Me to. Makes my day that prayers are answered.

  3. I LOVE these kinds of games - they really keep us in the moment, too. I'm also so happy to hear from you again! My kids laugh about my handful of imaginary friends (online/podcast), whose advice and recipes (your new favorite chocolate chip cookies!) I wouldn't manage without. Blessings to you from St. Paul, MN.

  4. Thank you! I'll be using this with my 3 year old

  5. Oh and playing these type of conversation games with my 3 year old is THE BEST! I get to hear her little brain working to form new words and expressions. It's a beautiful thing! Thanks for the brilliant suggestion!

  6. Hi Sarah! It makes me so happy to see you blogging again! You are in my daily prayers! How are you feeling? Thanks for the cute game idea!!!

  7. So happy to see more posts from you!
    When my big kids were little we played "what animal am I thinking of" over and over and over and over. There are SO many animals! We'd usually start with things like "is it a pet? In the jungle? On a farm?". I love boredom busters! :)

  8. So glad you are writing again. Great game.

  9. it's been years since i've been here... and to see your banner the same.. your voice.. your motherly, no nonsense wisdom, ideas, common sense, encouragement.. is it too strange to say that it feels like coming home in a way? where the couch is in the same spot and you know whats for breakfast tomorrow. i was just thanking God for you in my heart because so many many years ago you encouraged me as a young mom to just say no to the video games. that started our family on a low tech/no tech journey that has paid dividends in our life that i am thankful for every single day. i am not sure i would have had the courage to jump from that slippery slope.. and that was even before smart phones!! but i am so glad i did and honestly that was mainly thanks to you. sorry to hear of your health troubles, grateful God holds us in the palm of his hand. thank you for pouring yourself out even when you don't think you have anything to say. i truly doubt you recognize the trail of blessing behind you. :)

  10. ditto to Lauren's comment...

    I am so glad you are doing better and enjoying every day life. God is good.

  11. Great idea! I will do this with my toddlers. I read somewhere about a mom's elementary age child asking to have some "talking time" before bed. I have heard how if you listen when they are little, they will still talk when they are big. I've started having "talk time" with my 4 year old boy. Right now its all about bulldozers and race cars, but I think it is so sweet when he asks to have talk time. We will have to play this game as well!

  12. We do these same games in long car trips which we do a lot since all our family lives far away. It’s so good to read your advice again! I have sorely missed your steadying voice.

  13. We have been playing off shoots of this game so much lately thanks to you! It was a big distraction during Saturday chores and later some bickering today, so thank you!

  14. It's so good to hear you on the blog ♥ We used this on some hikes on our family trip -- thank you! and looked up some crazy "would you rather" on my phone while we were driving. We also love to pick a number and then count the cars coming in the opposite direction and then make up a story to go with it. So Hailey picks #7 and says this is my car when I get my first real job and it ends up being a big red tough truck and we make up the story to go with it. :)