Encouragement For The Week

"It seems to me that when we feel our most inadequate, we are presented with our greatest opportunity for self-revelation and growth.  We are presented with an opportunity to take a chance on ourselves and come out on top-to build a confidence reinforcing chain of success.  

So I do not, at bottom, believe that mothers are either "born' for the job or not.  We may be frightened of mothering. We may not feel up to it, we may run from its challenges, and we  may call our fear a simple inborn ineptitude for the job.  

But then we will never experience the seas, and we will never see the view from the mountaintop."

Linda Burton


  1. I needed this. I felt like when I had three kids, I had it down! Number 4, who was deeply desired (after two consecutive miscarriages) however, has thrown me for a loop! Being sleep deprived as an older mom this time around has been super challenging, not to mention keeping up with four kids all needing a piece of me... it's been really hard!!!
    Thank you for reminding me that I was made for this and I should keep on keeping on.

  2. I needed this! Sometimes I think, "I am
    Just not cut out for this!" What a good reminder to stay anchored and to keep on trying.

  3. I am sitting at my computer totally exhausted with my six-week-old (sixth) baby on my lap, feeling totally inadequate for the task of raising another baby. Hoping to eventually "see the view from the mountaintop"...but right now I feel like I'm crawling up this mountain an my hands and knees and I can't even SEE the top of it. :( If I just keep trying I'll get there eventually, right?

    1. Motherhood is worth every sacrifice of sleep, time, energy and everything else you think you are giving up now. As the survived mother of ten children, I tell you the joys outweigh the struggles and your children will honor you more than you can imagine. You are much better at what you do than you think you are. Keep on praying and believing that you are made for the job.