Ordinary Days

I don't even remember where I left off blogging, time has flown so quickly we are mid-summer already and just counted the weeks till school started and it's 4 1/2 which is terribly sad, we all agreed.  Why do we have to change everything?  Why can't summer break be what it used to be?  I remember getting out around the 5th or 6th of June and going back the last few days of August or even after Labor Day.  Now the kids start mid August!  I am not a conspiracy theorist but I feel like it's creeping slowly purposely to where there will be no summer break anymore by the time my grandkids go to school. Sigh. And I love summer, and no one wants to be sitting in a classroom I don't think during these sunny bright days.

I have been once again awful at taking photos, but it's not a priority right now.

Abbey is back from Europe and loved it but the first thing she said when she walked in the kitchen was "I am so happy to be home, I love this country and I never want to live anywhere else."  That was not what I expected (and after 24 hours of delayed and cancelled flights home) but I loved hearing it, I have to say.  That does not mean she didn't love her traveling just that we take a lot for granted here I think mainly the convenience of what we are used to.  She WILL miss the food in Italy, Greece, France, and Spain for sure, and was amazed at the beautiful museums and building and art everywhere.
But there's no place like home.   

This kid found a new barber, which is probably one of his top priorities in life.  Kidding, but he is picky and it's funny to me.  He is having the summer of his life, biking everywhere with friends and is a very enjoyable happy kid-busy busy busy but always has a plan and is always willing to help at home.  

These two are cuter than ever and best buddies, if they aren't mad at each other which happens occasionally. 

Patrick has been working on basketball plays, and explains them to me every time he makes a new one.

Some pictures from Bethany Beach DE-went over the 4th and it was so so so crowded.  (Sadly Isaac is in the "real world" now so couldn't go with us.) The kids had a blast in the waves, but I think I am going to write down on my things to remember forever page "don't go anywhere over the 4th of July" just to avoid the crowds and traffic.  

Selfies on my phone.

We ate four buckets of caramel corn.  (I probably ate 80% of that honestly.)

Janey saw fireworks for the first time and didn't like them because they were too loud.

Huge waves were really the most fun for everyone-you can't find that everywhere!

One day they were even to big for this fellow who will brave pretty much anything the older kids can handle.

It was nice to get organized again-back to being more scheduled and sleep in our own beds, and all have a little space from each other too. :)  

And sunflowers are out!  My favorite.

I am almost finished with this book and LOVE it.  I've read a few books this summer that I wouldn't put on my recommend list but this is one for sure.  In fact, I ordered all of Paulette Jiles' books with a plan to go on a little binge the rest of summer.
It is a Dust Bowl-Texas-cowboy-western-romance and her writing is wonderful, and so are her characters.  

I feel like time is moving full throttle and life is so busy with just every day things as it is.  There are so many changes as the kids get older-new plans for the future, and angst and excitement and worry, new relationships, changing friendships, so so many unknowns and what-ifs. (And lots of avocado toast-which is a symbol to me that living with soon-to-be or already-adult children isn't always easy for them or for us I think at times.)  I laugh at their "millennial ways", knowing that they are pretty mild ways (or I wouldn't be laughing), and that I was just like them in so many ways when I was that age, whether I had a tag to my generation or not-since the beginning of existence I'm sure this was the same.  And finding time for everyone is hard as a mom. I feel torn sometimes with everyone home, helping the big ones do "big" things-job apps, and college apps, and just listening-and emotional energy on my part-and then just doing the normal-and yes, EASY things with the little three-driving, and fixing lunch and reading a book here or there to them.  And then there's laundry and cleaning the kitchen 10x a day, (EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP EATING! I've said that a few times) which I better get to now.  


  1. You have six children and you're complaining about crowds?

    1. Is someone who has 6 children not allowed to have an opinion on whether or not she likes crowds??

  2. Summer seems to go faster every year, for sure! Loved this snippet into your ordinary days.

  3. The governor of Maryland passed an executive order this year - all schools have to be out by June 15 (including making up any snow days) and kids can't go back before Labor Day! I have to tell you, I'm excited! 😊

  4. I agree with not going anywhere over July 4th. It's the traffic you have to wait for, and the other people stepping on your beach blanket as they walk by, and the number of swimmers you have to not run into. I remember Bethany Beach, DE. That wave looks enormous!
    I love that picture of Patrick and Janey - Patrick's eyes are so funny!
    I feel certain that You are not filling out the job and college applications, because you are a fan of letting the teens do their own work, but they do tend to ask Mom a lot of questions...
    About that clean kitchen - get up and admire it at about 2am. It might look good then, when everyone is asleep! (hopefully)

  5. I'd love for you to do an in-depth post about having post-college working adult kids living at home again. We are nearly there and I feel like if we don't have some ground rules that both parties can live with, it's going to be no bueno.

    1. Yes! I would love to hear those thoughts too! I have six children and my oldest is 18 but will be living at home as we figure out next steps over the next few years.

  6. Hello, Sarah!
    Ordinary days are the best.
    I live for the days we go nowhere, and remain in the little cocoon we created here.
    As the children grow, it isn't as easy!
    Happy your daughter is home from her amazing travels.
    My Madison is preparing to return to Denmark for one more semester, then she and her Nicolas will return to stay here with us!!!
    Have a cozy, summer fun filled day!
    Than you for continuing to write here.
    So many have abandoned blogging for other forms of social media, and it just isn't the same. : )

  7. You provide such a nice and necessary reminder of the sweetness and significance of ordinary days, restful nights, and family love. Thank you.

  8. I can relate to it all Sarah. If only we could close the kitchen for a few hours :) Happy summer!

  9. Didn't we used to get three months of summer and now summer break is ten weeks instead of twelve? But time itself seems to have sped up as well. How is this possible? It's not because we're are busier than we ever were either.

  10. Sarah! I've been out of blogland for a few years now (busy life... plus instagram has ruined me!) but this morning I was just thinking about you, wondering if you were still writing and how you all were doing... I started reading your blog when I was pregnant with my first eight years ago, I wrote you an email once and rudely I don't think I ever even thanked you for your helpful reply! So-- I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much reading your posts meant to me back then, and how much they still do mean... your words echo in my heart and mind often. Glad to see that you're carrying on, and crazy to see how your kids have grown. It just goes too fast! Wishing the best for you and all of yours ❤️ --angie

  11. Thank you for your ordinary days posts! I love them! It's so nice to slow down and spend a little time reading them...and then go right back to my busy life raising my family! xo