And Suddenly He's Nine

I haven't written a birthday post for anyone in so long, but I will give the excuse that birthdays are always busy times for moms and living in the moment is more important than recording memories (I think?).

Today my Christmas baby turns nine!  He was due on Christmas Eve, but born on December 20th, just in time for me to be home.  (I might have drank a few tsps of castor oil to help him along.)  He was the best Christmas present ever I believe.  I remember he was born within an hour of arriving at the hospital, my midwife almost missed it, the dr. on call was super grouchy and I didn't like him at all, and that it wasn't a peaceful birth like Janey's because everyone was rushed.  But he was a peaceful baby!  The nurses were bored, there were only a few moms and babies on the floor, and they begged me to take him for a little bit to allow me to rest (which never happens for me, just the opposite if the baby isn't in the room with me!), and I said yes, something I usually don't do.  I have a Polaroid picture of him laying on a nurse's lap looking so peaceful, while they sat and chatted at the nurse's station. He had a fussy time that night and I thought, "Oh, no, I'm in for it, I have another colicky baby!" but while he wasn't super easy (very gassy and lots of bouncing) he was so easy to smile and so squishy and so laid back.

And he is still the same of course.  If there is one word to describe Patrick it would be agreeable, maybe sweet if I could slip that in there.  We have all agreed here that he is the nicest child in our family (even siblings say this!) and I was told this summer that he was "voted" the nicest cousin in the whole family by a certain group of girls:).  He never wants to upset anyone, it upsets him more than anything.  He is so so easy to please.  Just this morning he wanted pancakes for his birthday and we were out of the mix, so he said, "I'll just have a waffle." and I said, "Sorry Patrick I can't make that either" and I said, "How about french toast?" OK! Do you want syrup or powdered sugar? Doesn't matter-whatever you choose. That is how he is ALL the time. He goes with the flow.  He is easy to please.

He is such a nice brother. He loves playing with anybody, and is so excited for his older siblings to be around. He has been so tolerant with Janey, and truly loves her, and she worships the ground he walks around.

His teachers tell me he is so sweet and kind to others.

His dream is to play college basketball. Ever since he was so little his favorite thing is to shoot hoops, or throw a football, or anything and everything sports..any one will do.  His other love is nature-he loves any and all books about nature, dogs (sparked by his favorite book Where The Red Fern Grows), hunting, and fishing.

 We are lucky to call this little boy son, and he truly was a special Christmas gift to our family. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Patrick!  We love you!


  1. What a great boy to have in your family...I think every mom deserves at least 1 agreeable child ;) Somehow I never realized we both have dec 20th babies! Mine is 3 years old today :)

  2. Happy Birthday 9th Patrick! How did this happen??
    That means I've been reading your blog for 5 years when Patrick was 4 and you became pregnant with Jane. Crazy how this happens. My son was 1 at that time and I've since had 3 girls (now ages 2, 3, 4).
    Stop my beating heart! You mean my kids will reach that age?
    I enjoy and appreciate your encouragement and knowledge now,as much as I did then.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Well, now I know how long I've been addicted to the internet. I discovered blogs and you when Patrick was a baby. I thought blogs was the weirdest word. Now I'm hooked on some family vloggers as well. I'm glad that you've continued to blog even though you've taken some breaks over time. I have a 12/20 baby as well. She's 20 today.

  4. So sweet! He is a peacemaker. You've been blessed. Love your posts!

  5. awwww!! my oldest is 12/04 so Christmas babies...I get it! And I have one in my batch that is sweet sweet sweet also!! Boys are usually the ones that get that super sweet gene! LOL!!!
    He's so precious and looks like a delightful kid...Happy Birthday Patrick!!!!!!!

  6. he's gorgeous and I have been watching him since he was a baby (on your blog, of course)! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to your sweet boy!! I remember so well a blog post you wrote when he was a toddler trying to give up afternoon naps and he feel asleep eating Oreos!

  8. Your blog makes my heart happy. I always dreamed of a December baby. That picture of him with Santa & Mrs. made my heart melt! Thank you for writing such happy, loving posts about mothering. It lifts my soul!