Ordinary Days-September

Tidbits of our life in September:
My favorite month and it's gone till next year.  We had the most beautiful weather, but the last few days it has felt like fall-chilly and rainy, not the warm, sunny days of September with the cooler evenings. I wish it could have lasted forever.

We visited Abbey on her birthday. (Matt had to work at the last minute.:(  We had fun!  Ate at a taco bar, and it happened to be half price appetizers so the bill was refreshingly low.  The baskets and baskets of chips helped also-sometimes it's embarrassing really, you'd think we hadn't all eaten in 48 hours. I can't blame it all on the boys.;)
I love the way Janey is looking at Abbey, she will say randomly "I miss my sister!"

Girls pic, Janey was fascinated by the strange ducks.

After work one day Janey decided to make Isaac her patient and gave him a few shots.  He is a good sport, and will be a great Dad one day.

Patrick, after watching the Olympic track events this summer and then running a cross country race. It's cross country season, my favorite sport.  
Nothing makes you tougher than cross country (Abbey would argue crew) I always say.
Andrew added it's not just the running it's the nervousness before the race. I thought that was a great point. 

Janey and I fell in love with these little figurines at Hobby Lobby and there were enough of a variety to get six and we had fun picking out our "family".  She was so cute about choosing them.  (There is another one-must have cut it out of the pic.)  We can't wait to decorate for Halloween!

When Andrew saw this picture, he look horrified and said, "Why do I look like I'm dying?" 
I am so proud of Andrew's drive and determination to constantly improve and work hard. He sets his goals and works towards them and is hard on himself when he doesn't make them, but doesn't give up, even when something doesn't come easy to him. 

She's wanted jeans for so long and finally we found a pair that fits. She is so proud of them! But they do make her look older.

Eating lunch with this guy.  Janey loves doing this...this day she sat next to him and rubbed his back a little-it was so cute. 

Afternoon "nap" time. (Usually no sleeping involved.)  Janey is home all day now-we decided to delay preschool another year because she was having so much worry/angst about going the first couple weeks.  It feels like the right decision-we'll try again next year when she's a bit older. 

Love the moon peaking through.  These will be the last days we use our porch.

Kendama lessons.  Oh boy.  Does anyone else in the world know what a kendama is or is it just our nerdy family?  Isaac is a master.

Playing restaurant.  (Recently found that old phone at a garage sale-it's the same one we had growing up. I had to dial our number just to see how LOONNNGGG it takes.  Refreshingly long.  Appropriately long.)

Cross country watching.

Fog on an early morning run.  I saw a skunk about 2 feet away from me in the alley one morning and ran the fastest sprint I've run in 20 years.  I love the quiet, and the dark.

Soccer, soccer and more soccer.  Both Andrew and Patrick decided they could handle running cross country and playing soccer-so far it has worked out great.  I think that is because it seems SO easy to me without a toddler/baby in tow.  It's nice to sit and watch the games.

Gorgeous clouds.  My kids have to be so sick of me pointing out the clouds but I will never get sick of noticing them.

Working on finally hanging some portraits upstairs.  I wish I had the kind of decorating mind that can just pick something out and KNOW it will look good. I always have to bring things home and test them out.  Which turns something that I think will be quick and easy into a bigger project than intended.  (I am going with the matted frame on the right.)

Beautiful sunset over the river.

Picking up Matt from the golf course one evening and doing twirls while waiting.

Janey and I made Abbey these cupcakes-she was homesick so we took a road trip together and did lunch and dinner and shopping.  Janey was SO excited to see her.

I had to take a pic of these signs in a dorm-it is over the cafeteria. I laughed so hard. 

Cheesecake factory for dinner-a favorite.

No explanation needed.

And again.

How smart is it for the church on campus to offer a free spaghetti dinner after Mass on Sunday nights? SMART.  Abbey texted me this pic.  Yum.

October here we come!


  1. I recognize Mirror Lake and the dorms at Scott dining hall: I just started school at OSU, that's so cool that Abby goes here.

  2. Appropriately long dialing.....I love it! No "accidentally" calling someone! Those were the days!

  3. Clouds, I love clouds too. "It's always better to look up." I love the election statements!!!!!!!!!! I see Janey rode her horse to the "restaurant." Kids always seem to need a "quiet time" after lunch, an oasis in the middle of the day.
    Thank you for sharing your family life. My kids are all grown.

  4. Make way for ducklings and blueberries for Sal are perfect no sleep naptime books. Her little legs still have a tiny bit of baby chubbiness to them, how lucky you get her another full year!!

  5. Hi Sarah, I have enjoyed reading your blog since before cute Janey was born!I am always encouraged by your parenting ideas and thoughts. It is exciting to see how your beautiful family has grown and is so blessed. I had to laugh at you mentioning the clouds because I am always remarking on the beauty of the clouds here in Charleston, SC! Heaven does declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims his handiwork! (Psalm 19:1)You will have to check out one of my favorite artists here...Jennifer Smith Rogers. She paints amazing scenes of the Low Country and she just gets it right every single time with the clouds. If you are a person that loves looking at the clouds and noticing their beauty, you will love her work!

  6. Your sons are not the only kendama geeks. My son LOVES his! He is constantly trying new tricks! Love you posts!