War Bonds-A Good Book

War Bonds: Love Stories from the Greatest Generation

This was such a good book!  
I read it in two days-little stories of war time romance-dating and marriages that have lasted a lifetime.  Each story gives a glimpse into the hardships of war these couples endured, building a life together from scratch (often in tight, tight times) and then a few secrets or advice to a long marriage.

It's beautiful and inspiring.


  1. Just happened on your site cuz I was looking for curtains with pom poms! Ended up buying this book. I, too, believe mothering is a high and holy calling. Your site is beautiful. I subscribed. Look forward to perusing at leisure AFTER I finish my valance with pom poms on it. :) blessings, Karen

  2. This is completely unrelated to this post, but I didn't know if you'd see if on the original post. (Not that it matters, but it's always nice to know you've been appreciated). Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your favourite games/books/gifts posts. I search for them around this time of year because between now and January we have our 3 kids birthdays and christmas. This week our middle girl turns 5 and when my dad asked what to get her I suggested a few things and he ended up getting her Rush Hour Jr. She got it early because he won't be able to see her on the actual day and we have all been playing it all afternoon! She can work out the easy ones on her own and we've been having lots of fun choosing challenges for each other. She has a really curious mind and she loves to figure stuff out on her own, so it is just right for her. We have bought her a set of magformers (similar to magna tiles, but we're in Australia), which I also found out about from your posts. We are very careful about what we bring into our home for the kids to play with so I really like that I can read your posts on tried and tested games and toys and then further research to see if they will suit my kids. I think the other biggest hit would be the magnetic dress up dolls. Originally purchased for my oldest on her third birthday, she still uses them at age 6 and her two younger sisters get a lot of use out of them now too! Wow, that was a long post just to say thank you! Thank you for the time you take to right and update those posts!

  3. An update! Firstly, I am a school teacher and I can't believe the amount of spelling and grammar mistakes in that last post of mine! Horrendous! Secondly, she received her magformers today and spent the morning figuring them out and working her little brain to come up with new configurations. Thanks again!

    1. Your welcome, so glad she likes them, Janey plays with them all the time. And I didn't even notice the grammar/spelling, I make plenty of mistakes every post-we are typing fast! :)