Ordinary Days

I have taken to writing an "agenda" every week to make sense of the busy spring season.

Andrew was "Ed" (a wart hog) in The Lion King Jr. He was hilarious!  The funny thing with Andrew is that he is SO self-sufficient he just goes about his business. So I had no idea what to expect. He had no lines but a funny laugh throughout and cracked everyone up.  It was such a great play-a lot of work for all involved.  The kids really really worked hard also-he had play practice every night before soccer practice and then would come home and do homework.  But he thrives on this, he really does. He's one of the kids who "busier is better" rings true.

Janey didn't quite like him so much with that make up on.

In the thick of soccer season!

Matt turned SEVENTEEN.  Oh wow.  He is having a party tomorrow, but on his real birthday we celebrated by going to his favorite restaurant and I made him an angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberry topping (it's that easy-blend some cut up strawberries with whipped cream and "frosting" the cake.)  He asked for a nice camera and I found a great deal on Ebay. He is a budding photographer so I know he will use it-and I get my camera to myself once again.

Finally I replaced the beautiful pink crab tree in our front yard that the kids were so mad at me for cutting down-it was so dead, only one branch had leaves, and I just had to with the promise I would find the exact same kind and replace it. Two years later I finally did!

Here's the old one-so pretty.  I hate thinking of how old I will be and the kid too when the new one is grown. Barf, hopefully time will just stand still. 

Our front door mat. A geranium picked for me by Janey and a nerf gun bullet. I love it.

I know, she looks HUGE

My sister sent me this photo of me after I sent her the one of Janey. I LOVED that uniform. Janey pointed to the knee socks and said, "What are those?"

The electric company comes by once every few years and just does a terrible number on any of the trees by their lines-they destroy them. This one ended up with only 2 little branches left so basically for a couple years I stared at a telephone pole-like tree out my back window.  I asked Jeff if he could take care of it, or we could pay someone. He said he could do it and started sharpening his ax with my kitchen knife sharpener. That's when I texted my lovely neighbor and asked if her husband was home and could he please help Jeff before someone died.  That's Jeff holding the ladder, the only job he should have. It was done safely (with a chain saw) before the hour was up.

Isaac visited my parents and took this pic on the way home. This is not my parent's home, just on the way, but I love this land-I have driven my it thousands and thousands of times. It only had that fence and house built recently and it's for sale, isn't it beautiful?  The house needs to be painted, I don't like the color but the setting is gorgeous.

Blackened veggies (just coated with olive oil and baked on high till blackened), sweet potato fries and chicken/apple sausage (so good, will be using these for cook-outs this summer-at Costco!)

I started running. And I fell one morning. And scraped both knees and put a hole in my nice running leggings BUT no one saw me, I'm pretty sure. And that's the important part. I took this picture to show Abbey who has fallen twice at the track at school, once in front of a cute team of guys. Humiliation! There is nothing to be done, but just to get up and keep going. But now she knows who she gets it from. Jeff said this is the solution, but it doesn't really work outside.

This kid would fish all day, every day. 

At the park one sunny afternoon, these two who love each other.

Are you sick of my pics of food yet? I know some asked for Whole30 ideas. Grilled chicken lettuce wraps with some sauteed onions, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes topped with guacamole.

Cracking up one dinner, she gets laughing so hard.

A nice friend gave us some hand me downs and Janey just loved this jean jacket. 

Abbey comes home next week yay!
This next photo is for her, since she told me I needed to post on this blog more often.
I didn't know she even read it, and I ruined my banana bread surprise last week because actually she does.

Found this pretty big guy in the laundry room,almost stepped on him. I put him in your room, he's waiting for you-I know how you love centipedes!  :)
Really, can't wait to pick you up and cook you some good food. Janey is so excited she woke up in the middle of the night asking "Where's Abbey? Where's Idee?"


  1. My son is starting Kindergarten next year at our Catholic School. This week he had a "Kindergarten Try Out" where the new class coming in can come experience Kindergarten for the day. They had the uniforms on display and my son was so excited to see his uniform and that he gets to wear a tie on mass days (The ties are plaid and match the girls jumpers they have to wear on mass days). I think he will remember loving his uniform just like you do!

  2. Laughed SO hard at that video clip. Perfect recovery!

  3. Janey is getting SO big...I remember wearing knee socks.

  4. I fell the other day too!! So embarrassing....
    Janey looks so much like you. So sweet - Caroline is my mini too. I love catching up on your blog. It helps me so much.
    Keep it up!

  5. I am with Abbey! Post more! :)

  6. I had a question about the whole30. I have been thinking about doing it, but is there anything I could put in my coffee in the morning? Small thing, I know, but my cup of coffee in the morning is my special time!!!!

    1. Hi Kathy! I think you can put coconut or almond milk in your coffee.