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"At the end of the day, as the sun sets and we head back in, we have to be at peace with who we are and with the travelers we’ve been given on the journey. It’s tempting to look out and see the perfection of those around you, but be careful."
I love this essay, on the "perfect family life", from Rachel.  


We are using these blank books for this little activity.  Janey is just getting the hang out of peeling the stickers off, and we put together these little "girls" into the books.  She chooses all sorts of outfits (she loves making the choices-getting to be the "boss" for once, and I just let my preference for matching go out the window) and then I stick them on for her, although she is getting better at this precision also.

Two great finds at the library this week-I am so picky about illustrations and story books.  There are so many dumb ones, there really are, and I wonder how they ever get published.  But the ones with a nice story, good vocabulary, and beautiful illustrations are like little gems to me.

This is a rhyming book, where bunny finds specific plants in specific colors, on his little journey.

And another:

Beautiful illustrations for this counting rhyme book using the "over in the meadow where the green grass grows" song.


  1. Loved that essay - Thanks for sharing. My daughter used to love "fashion plates" - remember those? I am with you on the picture books- so many just plain rude ones. I don't mind silliness, but I much prefer the ones like you describe (even if it says 3 books but you show 2) :) I love these revamped Ordinary Days posts - always my favorite ones from your blog.

  2. I found a beautiful copy of the ugly duckling. It's one of my favorites!

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  5. Lovely river photo. Particular favourite books of my children for the illustrations are :




  6. Sarah, can you tell us your little "Libraries with little kids/babies 101" please? I have my first child, a 7 month old, and I would very much like to start going to the library with him. However, I'm hesitant about the etiquette and bringing a giggly baby into a quiet building.

  7. Thank you for the sticker idea...my almost 3yo would love that. I'll have to go looking. Also, the book suggestions... She loves the Over in the Meadow books (there are apparently a lot of versions out there). And the apple bar recipe is tomorrow's breakfast now! :)
    On books (I'm similarly very picky about illustrations & stories) have you seen the Slinky Malinki books by Lynley Dodd? They're charmingly rhymed books about a black cat who gets into all sorts of mischief, and I LOVE her word choices- no silly little kid talk here "Slinky Malinki was blacker than black, a stalking and lurking adventurous cat. He had bright yellow eyes, a warbling wail and a kink at the end of his very long tail....." Every one of the books we have is captivating and entirely charming read the 1st or 100th time! :)