Ordinary Days

The kids have been playing chess games on the back porch at all hours of the day and evening.

I painted (it was black) my antique dresser and bought vintage knobs from Etsy.  This dresser was in the kitchen, but now is in the living room. I had to have the two bottom drawers replaced and hired a carpenter to make the new ones (he had to cut them to fit the natural warp.) The lamp is from Home Goods.

Wisdom teeth out, yuck.

My mom lent me this, loving it, although I've been falling asleep (no reflection on the book) after about five pages.  Summer days are full and tiring and when I crawl into bed too late (sometimes I miss the days of putting ALL the kids to bed and having quiet time-with teenagers those days don't exist!) I'm out like a light.

It always looks like this.

Why can't I just throw old bananas away?  It would save me 100's of calories.  But it's a good snack for the kids.  Recipe here.

I tackled all the sheets and comforters and blankets in the house.  My washer and dryer were going from sun-up to sun-down, but it's nice to check that off my list.

My mom and dad's gardens.  Always inspirational.  

Our falling apart shed, with clematis in bloom.  My hydrangeas are taking a long time to come into their own. 

I don't know which one is my favorite.
I do know that gardens are a lot of work. I love gardening, but it's an exercise in patience and surrendering control for me-there is no "catching up", there is always an area that needs work, and I just have to do what I can, when I can-definitely something I do in bursts in late spring and then burn out by mid-summer.

This is our first official week of summer (everyone is out of school) and I'm so looking forward to it all!