Kidney Reflux Help

I hate asking for favors especially after I've been pretty much absent from this blog for awhile, but I feel like I need to some advice or just camaraderie on something I've been dealing with concerning little Janey.  I also hate to be so un-private about health issues, but no where on the internet can I find the answers I am looking for.

She has been having recurrent UTI's for about three or four months now-I felt like we just couldn't get off this cycle of UTI (with fever) then antibiotic, then a few weeks, then another one, repeat, repeat.  Meanwhile, she has had pneumonia (never have any of my kids been this sick!) and I got it too-I know it was from the darn drs. office and a low immunity from the antibiotics for her. We were sent for a VCUG (not fun) and ultrasound test and she has kidney reflux, stage 2 and 3, officially named Vesicoureteral Reflux. It sounds scarier than it is but as any mom whose had a child with this problem, you know it is not easy.

I just wondered-has anyone out there dealt with this with their toddler? And if you have and have a second will you write to me and tell me if/when/how it was resolved and any advice/tips, etc?  Thank you in advance.