Things I Want To Remember

I absolutely should be trying to take a little nap right now, while Janey is napping-she has been under the weather the last two nights and I feel like a fuzzy headed zombie, and a nap would do me good, but alas.

Abbey turned 18.  Look at my wonderful cake!  The foil I covered it with got stuck.  It all tastes the same anyways.

Here is a funny story about Abbey turning 18 I never will forget. She finally has an Iphone!  She had it all of two days, when she went out to eat with her friends for a birthday dinner at Olive Garden. 
And a waitress dropped an entire tray of plates on Abbey and her gifts and her Iphone happened to be sitting on top of her gifts and it was squished.  And I mean squished!  Not just shattered, it looked like a car ran over it.  Bent, dented, squished! After all those years of waiting. We had to laugh, it was just too crazy.  I also laughed because while she was relaying this information to Jeff on the phone I was just hearing one side, and not clearly.  I heard "insurance, not covered, did you get hurt?, how bad is it damaged" and my heart dropped, and then I asked Matt who heard more of the conversation, "What happened to Abbey?" and he said in his mumbly teenage boy way, what I thought was, "She broke her bone at the restaurant because someone dropped a tray on her."  I immediately went to- "She's in the ER, not the right one because insurance isn't covering it, CPR?"  (I also thought I heard something about CPR.  I don't know how but I did. Which made me think for a second she broke her bone and choked!)
So when I found out she broke her PHONE not her BONE, things all seemed a little funnier.
(And Olive Garden is replacing the darn thing, you better believe it!)

And most importantly, it wasn't the end of the world for her, she laughed about it, which is the correct reaction on the "how important is this in life" scale. 

I think maybe inside she was sort of feeling like it wasn't too funny, which I understand, but perspective is the key, and every mom of teenage girls always prays to sees the path to good perspective grow and mature as they progress through the teenage years.  

That's a fancy way of saying that we all panic when we see for example, our teen girls weeping over a hair out of place in 7th grade, that they slowly learn to steady themselves and see the world and it's obstacles with some clarity.  

College drop off day.  (Abbey had to work, Matt had soccer practice.)  If I thought high school goes fast, oh boy, college flies by.  He's a junior already!  He has the same room mate as last year, who happens to be an only child, and we parents think it's funny they get along so well.  

Isaac counting up his cash before he leaves.  (He delivered pizzas all summer and made some good tips and loved it.)


This will be one of my favorite pics.  They fought like banshees over the car this summer, but they are good friends too, I just have to remind them of that sometimes.  They look out for each other and did when they were little also.

This little girl, I don't know.  She is sweet and temperamental and brave and timid and demanding and easy and keeps me on her toes all day long (and into the evening also.)  But most of all she is a joy!

Matt, in a rare moment of free time.  I hardly see that kid!  Soccer and homework and weekend plans that have to be tampered down.  He is loving high school and loving his classes.

Sweet pea with the devilish grin.

We went and bought a fire pit last night and it took too long to put together, and then we were all too scared to look for wood because it was pitch black, so we burned marshmallows and popcorn using twigs and leaves and pine cones, and then I made everyone go to bed. 

And now I'm all caught up.