Ordinary Days

I know, I know, she looks so old! It's the piggies that do it.

After a swim meet.  We've had a lame swim team season because two meets were 'stormed' out.

Our evening bike rides, my favorite part of summer:

Some good quick blog posts I've read this year and loved:

1. If I Could Only Offer One Piece of Advice To Young Moms by Melanie Jean Juneau.   So simple, so true.

2. A Letter To My Boys by Renee Robinson.  A thousand times, YES.

3. Bucket List by Katrina Kenison  "The question rose up hot and fierce as a reprimand in my chest: “Had I loved my life enough?”


  1. They're so adorable, and growing up way too quick! Summer...slow down right? Hope all is well, and thanks for the book info. They all sound interesting.


  2. Have you read 52 Things Kids Need From a Mom by Angela Thomas? It is without a doubt one of the BEST, if not the BEST parenting/Momma books I have read. The chapters are only a few pages, so easy to read, and great advice. I want to read all of her books now. I have a feeling you could have probably written a similar book!

  3. Loving your every days...
    They are the best ones.
    Thanks for the links. : )

  4. Love the article on being tired and hungry! Great advice for all ages! ;)

  5. thank-you for mentioning my article- your children look delightful and well loved

  6. She looks so much like you! Thanks for the links.

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Every single time I read one of your blog posts, I feel like I take a deep breath, and just be present. I love how much you love being a mom. I do, too. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.

  8. how can it be … our girls are 2?? Too fast, too fast. Why is summer so short?

  9. Can I just say, I love that you call pigtails "piggies"? That's what they are called in my house too, and it makes me smile. Have a lovely day!