I have been making batches of these like a crazy woman.  They are easy and so so so good.  And the best thing is that they don't cost $14 a dozen.  I bet they come in under $1.

This recipe is from AllRecipes and I use my Zojirushi Breadmaker...I love that thing.  The recipe makes about 8 bagels.  Last week I doubled it, and the bread maker handled it fine.

1 cup warm water
3 cups of bread flour
2 TBS white sugar
1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast
3 TBS sugar
1 TSP cornmeal
1 egg white

Toppings if wish:  shredded asiago cheese, poppy seeds, dried onion flakes, rock salt, cinnamon sugar...

1.  I add the first 5 ingredients in the order listed.  Set on Dough Cycle.  When complete, place dough on a lightly floured surface. Shape into 8-10 balls, flatten them, and then poke hole in the middle.  (Make it big, because dough will rise.)

2. Cover bagels with a clean dish towel, and let rise.  Mine take about 30-60 minutes to get rise.  Meanwhile, bring a large pot of water to boil.  Dissolve 3 TBS of sugar in boiling water.

3. Sprinkle an ungreased cookie sheet with cornmeal.  Heat oven to 375.  Transfer bagels to boiling water.  (My pot holds about 4 at a time.)  Boil for 1 minute, turning halfway through.  Remove bagels and place on dish towel to drain.

4. Arrange boiled bagels on baking sheet. Glaze top with egg white.

My kids love asiago cheese bagels, so I will grate some of that and sprinkle on top.  They also love "everything" bagels:  I mix up some poppy seeds, dried onion flakes, and a teeny bit of coarse salt. I will dip the top of the bagel in the egg white, and then dip it in the "everything mixture".  We haven't tried cinnamon sugar yet, but I bet that would be good.

5. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

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  1. Oh my! These look so divine. My birthday is coming up in March. Maybe I need to add that bread maker to my wish list. Happy new year Sarah!

  2. I'm a fairly new follower (love your blog!) and have wanted to try bagels for a while now, as we recently moved to rural Alaska and have no grocery store. Thank you for the tutorial. I will definitely be trying it now!

  3. I have made these twice and they are delicious! I do have a problem with them looking nice and full, mine tend to flatten out...not sure why. I don't get complaints, they are eaten as fast as I make them, I just want them to look pretty! Any suggestions?

  4. For this recipe is the bread maker just a time saver for mixing and kneading the dough. I got rid of my breadmaker a few years ago because I was never using it and it took up so much room, now I read a bunch of blogs with great bread recipes that incorporate theirs. Long story short--can I do the first step by hand, how long does your machine take to do the first step?

  5. Yum. I'll have to try. You're such a good mom. Making your fam homemade bagels. I'm just now getting to the point with most meals and recipes that I have to make a double batch if I want any leftovers at all. And we haven't even hit puberty yet. Yikes... !

  6. I have the same bread maker! We use it at least 4 times a week, and LOVE it. Well worth the money and it cleans so easily!
    This recipe looks great, I'm going to make them as soon as I get my boys off to school this morning. These will be a real treat when they get home this afternoon. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wonder how I could add blueberries??? Anyone have a suggestion? This recipe looks awesome and easy!

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Just threw out the empty bag of Lenders bagels and noticed they contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. We are trying a new way of eating with no processed foods only whole foods and I have so much more energy. This recipe came at just the right time. Thanks

  9. These look great! I may have to dig my dusty old bread machine out of storage and put it to good use again! Thanks for the great recipe!

  10. Great recipe. I can't wait to try it.

    I have a new bread machine recipe up this week for cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread. I adapted it for the bread machine and it is delicious.


  11. These look so good and so easy! Thanks for sharing!
    I love coming to your blog...always refreshing and "food" for thought...pun intended!!!!

  12. I am a new reader here. I have a bosch and a kitchen aid mixer that I use to make homemade bread. Do you know how to switch this recide to use these mixers?

  13. Oh my these look amazing. I never realised they could be made so easily - definitely on my list now.

  14. OMG! I love bagels! I use to work in a bagel shop, and i can't wait to try these! Thank you so much for the easy instructions! I am also wondering... How and when could you add blueberries?? Thanks!

  15. These were so good!!! I'm already making another round today and it's a double batch to freeze some because they were so good!

  16. Just discovered your blog!! I love the posts on 40 days of purging. These bagels look amazing too! I am pinning them to try soon.

  17. I haven't made bagels in ages. I'll have to get my Zo out of the closet and try your recipe.
    My family loves Everything bagels.
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. They are rising right now, getting ready to be boiled. We are trying to cut down on "white" stuff in our diets, so I used 1 c. buckwheat flour and 1 c. whole wheat flour and then also 1 c. bread flour. I also substituted honey for the sugar. Thank you for the recipe. I can't wait to try them!!!

  19. Do you have to use bread flour or could you use all-purpose flour?