Yesterday I spent the afternoon-hours and hours-nursing the baby and keeping her asleep-which essentially means holding her.  I was stir-crazy a little and needed a break. What's funny is that with each child, my breaks have progressed down from an hour or a two alone, which meant maybe a nice walk or a browse at the bookstore, down to a 10 minute run to the local grocery store to pick up a few little things just for me.  I was feeling a little sorry for myself when I pulled out of the driveway.  

But the sun was shining and it was a warm fall day.  I saw the sweet young couple on a walk who just moved in next door-they had their tiny infant daughter with them-their first.  It brought back memories of that first happy but oh-so-scary year of my oldest's life-always wondering if we were doing things "right".

On the way home, I saw a couple who looked to be in their 80's, smartly dressed, linked arm and arm, taking an afternoon walk.  Maybe they were walking to a friends' home, or the little supper club down the street.  I don't know, but they looked in love and so reliant on each other.

Each stage of life has its rewards and its struggles, but it's amazing how quickly times flies and I am grateful for the little reminders to never take a day for granted.   


  1. we went to PEI on our honeymoon 16 years ago. It was lovely! Stayed at a sweet B&B called the Matthew House Inn. The beaches were lovely and the farm fields were so memorably red with the contrasting lush green pastures. I would certainly love to see you post pictures if it does work out for you to go! It is indelibly etched on my memory!

  2. Some day we're going to be like her (^) Sarah and go to PEI! I dream about that. But for now, I feel selfish when I desire being alone. But I also think it's an important way for moms to recharge and find some balance - even if it's a quick trip to the grocery store. Yesterday was lovely. We went out for a family walk in the late afternoon. It has been a long time that 5 of us walked together - and the kids said people were staring. That's because no one walks anymore! But other than bumping in to each other, it was fun. We saw activity, met the new neighbor and had some interesting conversation (mostly about my husband's pain which we think is kidney stones). We also managed to carve a few hours to go out to dinner - just the two of us. Fall used to be our time, but it slipped away from us this year. And we were talking about the same things - the struggles of life....how we are grateful that we have pulled through the challenges of our life....that it can be just a blip when you look back.

    I think we better soak up some vitamin D today and store it for the winter!

  3. The scary first year-I am so glad that's over. That nursing phase is so hard because it is hands on all the time. I'm glad you were able to see a few gifts along the road, even if it was only 10 minutes.

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Thanks for posting. Love endures much, time is fleeting. Take time to enjoy the little things.

  6. Beautifully written, as usual. :) Thank you for the lovely reminder.