It's been very hot here lately...I know, I know, it's been hot everywhere.  We've also been running around like crazy...having lots of fun here, there, and everywhere.  Somedays I call a day of doing NOTHING.  Staying inside, no errands, no friends, no pool.
This girl's nose has been in a book all summer long.
Here's the best breakfast for a growing boy.  One English Muffin toasted, with a little butter, a litte mayo too.
Scramble an egg, add a slice of cheese till it melts and put it inbetween the English Muffin.
Easy as pie.
(He'd also like me to add bacon but I've banned pig from our house since my Lenten vegetarian resolution back in Spring.  Pigs are too nice and smart to eat.) 
Catching up on summer reading for school.
Patrick playing with his best playmate, poor Matthew who entertains him for hours.


  1. Sarah,

    I love the light in your house. Can I have some???

    It's miserably hot here, too.

    We spend a lot of time in the backyard (pool there) and the rest of the time inside.

    I know exactly what you mean about a moratorium on stuff day. My 15-year-old has constant plans to get out of the house with her friends (or to get them over here).

    Happy Monday!

  2. I want an English muffin egg sandwich and a day of doing nothing - can I come be your kid for a day?

  3. It's steamy here in SC, too!
    Very steamy!!!

    I love the boys' names in their rooms!
    Could you show us them up-close?

  4. I understand what you mean about the heat....it gives me headaches and makes my kids force my husband to inflate the pool!

  5. I love those days....and it seems like a good thing for kids, even when they might not agree.

  6. Your family is so adorable...I love reading your posts!
    Your daughter looks like mine did, about 7 years ago! I love to see kids reading. So wonderful to get lost in a book, using your imagination, and learning things at the same time! It's been so hot here, unusual for the Pac. NW, that I've been doing a little reading myself, under the whirring fan!!
    Thanks for all of your lovely thoughts!

  7. you need the bacon to make that complete!
    hee hee-
    looks like great summer relaxing!
    sandy toe

  8. i love do nothing days. they always seem to lead to couch forts and impromptu plays. that sandwich sounds delish!

  9. Great pictures Sarah! I have to say that having "older" kids with a little one is so nice! My six year old entertains my three month old all day long too and I wonder how I did it when she was a baby and she didn't have other kids to watch all day!?

    Your summer poem was the best! You couldn't have said it better. :)

  10. Lovely nothing day! Everybody need them now and then!
    Summer reading. Oh, I need help with motivating mine!

  11. Loved this post and your living room! Do you mind sharing the name of the wall paint? I love it!


  12. I love "nothing" days!! And I also LOVE that Heath Klondike bar (or at least I think that's what is was?) that Abby's eating!!!! Have had waaay too many of them this SUmmer!!!!

  13. I need a day of "nothing" Gotta look at my calendar to schedule one in :)

    Great pics

  14. I love it. I especially love "nothing days." I try to call those often, but my kiddos will only go for that one or two days a week.
    What books does your daughter like to read?

  15. Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I read it often, but rarely have time for a proper response.
    Enjoy your do nothing day! I think we'll do the same!

  16. my husband makes his famous egg sandwiches on the weekends...just like that....and we use turkey bacon! hope you're having a fun summer!

  17. Oh I love those down days... we had one today... after having guests in the house for 3 days! ;) I even napped... sh.... =) my little girl has had her nose in a book all summer too... I have to ask her to stop reading sometimes! mommy guilt! ha ha! =)

  18. Love your blog!I am sooo glad you posted about this! I just had one of these days with my 2 kids and was feeling very guilty. It's been very hot here too.......you couldn't ask for better pool weather. But, I wanted a "do nothing" day! No suntan lotion, no wet bathing suits and towels, and no ice cream man. Boy was it an easy day! I think us mom's deserve this once in a while:)

  19. Love that you are keeping your vegetarian Lenten promise! I have been a veg for over 20 years, but my husband is from Louisiana and is true meat eater. My kids do eat meat but since I cook for them most of the time, they eat much less meat than most. For your sandwich, try the "bacon" or "sausage" from Morningstar Farms. My kids love it. Tasty and compassionate.
    And some of the friendliest critters I have met are turkeys. :)