Monday, January 18, 2010

A January Craft: Cute Walnut Mice

I stole these from my mother last time I was home.  She doesn’t mind…we acquired them through a children’s craft bazaar about 30-so years ago…the kind where you went during school to buy your brother’s and sister’s presents for Christmas.  They really are Christmas ornaments but I love them for the winter months more.  They are hanging on a little tack on my kitchen window.  Aren’t they so cute?
They are cheap to make and relatively easy.
Here’s what you need:
096Walnuts (you must crack them carefully…my method: Use a nutcracker on one 1/2 of the shell…that part will break but you will be left with the other 1/2. )  Buy plenty…about 1/3 makes it through the cracking procedure properly.
String…any kind.  I used embroidery thread.
Cotton balls
Tiny black beads
Black thread and a little needle
Fabric scraps
Grey felt
A glue gun

Crack your walnuts like this:
013 Or make your daughter do it, like I did.  Scoop them out.

Cut a square (about 2”) out of a piece of fabric for the blanket part.
Cut a out a rectangular (about 1 1/2” x 3”) piece of felt.
Cut two little tiny ears and a long thin tail
Cut a piece of string to use for the hanger.170 I sewed my nose and eyes on because I am a TERRIBLE glue gunner.  It’s actually easier, I think to sew them on, and stitch up the underside of the face. (If you are a master glue gunner, go for it!) Place the nose in the middle at the very bottom of the rectangular piece and the eyes right above.  Stitch up the underside so it forms a cone shape.  Shove a little cotton from a cotton ball in the nose.
133 Use your glue gun and glue the tail, the ears and the string on the walnut: Fold over the back of the mouse’s head and put a quick stitch in…you may need to cut a little fabric off to make it fit in the walnut properly:124165166  Use your glue gun and glue that head in there…I just use a little bead of glue around the inside edge.
125Place a fluffed up cotton ball in the middle of the fabric “blankie” and wrap up like a ball:105Next, fit your fabric covered “blankie” cotton ball into the remaining space…glue the same way you did the head.171 139
Here’s Andrew’s…he insisted on making himself one using the glue gun…you know the ending of that story.  He loves it though, red mark on his finger and all.

Have Fun and Stay Warm!


  1. They are very cute mice, they are not blind! and they still have their tails! Thank you for sharing the craft project, will definitely give it a go. Stay warm too. More snow forecast here! Regards

  2. Ahh these are so very cute. I wish I could make them, but being allergic to nuts, that might not be a great idea. Wonder if I can think of any alternatives to the walnut shell!

  3. They are super cute...I know my mom has something similar she hangs on the tree!

    Thanks for the tutorial & the great pics (it's ALL about good pics!)

    Have a fabulous Monday ~ off to the grocery store!

  4. This brought me right back to childhood - great tutorial, and super cute mice!

  5. So cute, and I don't even like mice!

  6. Now that is something I can do with walnuts... By the way, thanks for the easy tip on the picture enlargement. Worked for me and Yes, I love it. Thanks so much..

  7. A total bast from the cute! A great craft for my little grandkids too! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. Adorable!

    I, too, remember these from childhood. There must have been a nationwide mouse-in-walnut fad in the late 70s because several hung on our Christmas tree every year. I'm sure my mom still has them. I hope.

  9. These are so stinkin' adorable! I love them!

  10. So cute and adorable and everything else!

  11. Darling craft. I've got a few walnut shells laying around to make this! I love that cute little mouse!

  12. My daughter is behind me going 'ahhhhhh'

    sandy toe

  13. I've also seen really tiny ones made out of cute!

  14. My daughter happened to be looking over my shoulder when I read this and is BEGGING ME to make these !!!!

  15. Those are adorable! Can't wait to make them. Thanks!

  16. Very cute! I wish I knew how to felt because I bet the mice would be super cute made that way. Thanks for showing all of us how!

  17. Memories!!! I remember making a version of these with my mom & sisters when I was young... So cute :)

  18. How cute. Will have to see if my kiddo want to try this one.

  19. ohhhh these are soooo darling!

    I thought of you yesterday when I was at the movies--- I love that preview for new BABY flick taht you posted a bit back--- can't wait!!!!!! Are you going on opening night???

  20. I just love cute...thank you!

  21. how cute...and they look so easy...thanks for sharing!

  22. I commented on these lovely creatures in my post:

    They are next on my to-do list, thank you!

  23. Just a quick note to let you know I am featuring this precious mouse on HammockTracks today.

  24. I rember making these for craft shows in the late 80s. I used a pompom ball for the head.