I'd like to introduce you to a boy.
A boy named Matt.
10 years ago he came into this world quite easily.
(Thank You, Matt. That right there will always makes you extraordinary.)
He was soft and squishy and round and blond and as far as baby demeanor goes he got 5 stars.
We had just moved into a fixer-upper, a great house built in 1840, and Matt would spend hours eating Cheerios in his jumpy seat, watching me paint.
Not a word out of him.
He is my only child that willingly slept in his crib with no shenanigans to get him there.
As a toddler he was once broke out in hives so bad that the doctor said it was the worst case she's ever seen. His eyes were swollen shut.
He wasn't one bit fussy.
He eats a PB & J for lunch every single day.
He is a master Lego builder and an expert lizard/frog keeper.
He loves to read and draw.
He has a keen sense of humor. You'd never know that, since he's quiet, but occasionally he'll blurt out something so hilarious and smart and witty we just die laughing.
Here's Matthew:
1. What is your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part is lunch.
2. If you had to eat the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week, what would it be?
3. What bugs you most?Andrew.
5. How tall do you think you will be one day?
7 feet 2 inches.
6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I don't know.
7. Whose job is harder, Mom's or Dad's?
They are both equally the same.
8. Favorite sport:
Baseball, wrestling, soccer.
9. Favorite candy:
10. Favorite frog:
Whites Tree Frog
11. Favorite book:
My Father's Dragon.
12. Something that makes you laugh:
When Patrick has poison gas.
13. Favorite subject in school:
Writing and art.
14. Favorite color:
15. Best vacation:
Hilton Head.
16. Least favorite thing to do:
Type on the computer.
17. Saver or spender?
18. My friends are:
19. People bug me that:
Brag in school.
20. What do you think about turning 10?
No comment.
Happy Birthday Matthew!


  1. Happy Birthday Matthew! He seems like a charming young man. Any one that likes skittles, the color red and art and writing = super cool in my book!

  2. Happy Birthday Matthew!
    Amanda C.

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the pictures:)

  4. GREAT NAME! In fact a name that I never got to use ;)

    I'm not big on people who brag either. What a cool kid you've got there Sarah!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your double digit little man.

  5. i love the question idea. i will attempt it with my own almost 10 year old son. I'm guessing he will love it almost as much as when I take his picture.

    Beautiful family!