Ordinary Days

A long catch up for us here, and wanting to keep track of wonderful memories.  Life has been busy, hard sometimes, fun sometimes, like it always is right?  Patrick wrote on a Mother's card to me, what does mom love?  When everyone comes home.  What makes mom sad?  When everyone goes back to college.

In no order but "spring":

Jeff and I and the three littles decided at the last minute to go to Destin for spring break.  We watched the weather and were lucky to be able to rent a wonderful condo owned by a friend.  Sunshine and warm temperatures every day.  We had so much fun!  Water was freezing but the kids didn't care.

Visited Seaside for a day and I remembered how much I love that place.  If I win the lottery which I won't because I never play, I would buy a house here first. 

Vacation tradition of way too competitive mini golf.

SOOOOO cold, but beautiful water.

Sunshine was heavenly.  

Matt came home to celebrate his 20th birthday, just for a quick weekend, and then back to school-can't believe his first year is over.  He loves it and is doing so well. 

Abbey had her senior art show the night before she graduated at a cool downtown space.  We are so proud of her.  Two of her professors who attended raved about her, and her work ethic and the quality of work that she would always strive for.  It came with a lot of stress on her part.  One of the professors we spoke with was one that was particularly hard on Abbey and gave her a lot of grief so it was extra special to hear that he had a lot of respect for what she has accomplished in the last four years.  It was one of those "well it would have been nice to know that earlier" moments for her, but then maybe that is what pushed her too.  Two down four to go!  

Corny photo mom made her take.  11,000 graduates.  Four hours long.  But really cool also.  So much excitement.

Found this old photo of Jeff and I in Florida when we were dating...same age as Abbey!  And I thought I was old. :)

Made it to a MI game.  Janey was thrilled-a cheerleader and a dancer!

So much fun at these MI games.  They had a great season and I am so proud of my uncle and excited for things to come.  (I don't get too passionate about sports can you tell?)

I went with friends this year to the Fem-Catholic conference and it was SO SO cool and we had a bunch of fun too.  Great speakers and I learned so much.  It was in Chicago-cold but pretty on the Loyola campus.

Janey's door.  I miss Kate so much.  My hurt heart oftens because of it.  She is such an inspiration to everyone you knew her.

When Jeff was shopping for gifts for me for my birthday he said as a joke to Janey, "Let's get this for mom."  She said, "No Dad I know what Mom likes here (TJ Maxx my favorite) and this is NOT it."  But I am sure she wanted it for herself terribly. Who doesn't want a glitter mermaid tail?

My beautiful sister-in-laws who I love and who gave me wonderful gifts and helped Jeff with my party.  We have been through babies and teenagers, and now engagements, weddings and grandbabies for them and it's so fun.  We can cry and laugh together at how our children are growing so quickly.

Janey at her best friend's play-they found this pic of "Blue Christmas' and thought Janey found her match.  A good laugh.

A couple more Florida photos-Janey found these on sale for $10 and even though yes I know they are awful, she fell deeply in love and I couldn't resist.

Lots of digging and sand castle building.

I sit in front her Mary a lot and pray and find peace.  Our church is so beautiful.

I gave a wedding shower for my sweet niece Chloe and it was gorgeous.  All those SIL's pitched in and my other niece and Chloe's sister Tori did a fabulous job. 

The gorgeous bride.

Isaac had a long awaited surgery-weirdly he had one side of his jaw grow more than the other during college and it really threw off his bite etc, so he had both sides broken and matched up during surgery.  Wired shut for 6 weeks.  It was a very rough first week but was back to DC and work quicker than we ever thought possible and one tough but skinny guy now.  And we are so glad it's almost all over after waiting years for the right time to do it (had to stop growing first!)  Lots of smoothies and soups.  

School morning-usually one is chipper and the other is not.

Cousin love.

My sister who will kill me for putting this on my blog but who we are all so proud of because everywhere hospital she works at gives her these awards for being the best nurse ever or something like that and I don't doubt it because she is wicked smart, no nonsense and a super hard worker.

And finally, a gorgeous sunset down by the river.


  1. Love seeing some "ordinary days" from you - you look gorgeous and happy in that sunshine on the beach!! Life has been busy for you and your family!

    I so want to take my kids to Seaside next year - it has always felt amazing when I look at your pictures over the years.

  2. You are radiant, Sarah. It's so good to see you in the pictures! You've been a daily check in for me for many years, and I always squeal a little when there's a new post!

  3. What a sweet way to remember all of the important and ordinary moments in life. Congrats to Abbey (and you and Jeff) for her graduation at OSU. My husband and I are both OSU alums. We graduated back in the 90's so I'm sure a lot has changed, but we have many wonderful memories of our time as buckeyes. Plus we met in the basement of his fraternity, AZ back when I was a wee little sophomore. I think it is Farmhouse now. Faith from homeecathome.com

  4. I really enjoyed seeing you and your family. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  5. So wonderful to see you blogging again!! Thank you fo sharing a great Spring. I agree Seaside is one of the best! And Congratulations to Abbey...O-H-I-O! Go Bucks!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary ordinary days with us! You look so healthy and beautiful! I am so happy for all of you! Looks like you all have so much to celebrate! xo

  7. I love this! So much LIFE going on. Beautiful.

  8. Congratulations on treasuring your life! What wonderfulness in your ordinary days. I read with interest about Abby’s graduation from OSU with a BFA; my youngest plans to major in biology and art at OSU this fall. She did not want to go to an art school, nor would our budget allow it. Was Abby happy with the program?

    1. So so with the program. She had a lot of staff changes and couldn't fill professors for all their upper level classes but she made it work. Your daughter will need to pay a lot of attention to making sure she has the right/enough credits to graduate on her own and not rely on advisors. Thankfully Abbey is the sort of student on top of this, if it would have been me back in my days, I'd have been going to school for extra semesters! :) . If your daughter wants to email Abbey for advice Abbey would be happy to help for sure.

  9. Hello Sarah! :) Thank you for sharing your Ordinary Days. Thank God for their return. Life is Good. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family. xo

  10. I've been following your blog for years, and I love these updates. Thank you so much for sharing snippets into your life. It reminds me of the beauty in both the special and the ordinary days :)

  11. I've been hoping for an update on the family! Everyone looks great. Happy for you! You look great. What are you eating these days?

  12. I love catching up on your ordinary days! xo

  13. You look beautiful, Sarah! I'm so glad to see that you are enjoying the ordinary days again. We live in Chicago and my son is going to Ohio State this Fall majoring in Chinese and Business. We're excited for him. Thank you for continually inspiring me with your beautiful posts. Hugs!

  14. So happy to share your days with you Sarah!

  15. I too have read your blog for years. Look forward to catching up on what's going on at your house. Recently When they announced the new coach of our Cleveland Cavaliers I was sitting at my kitchen table looking through the family room at the television. I couldn't hear all the particulars but when I saw the new coach's picture, I gasped and said out loud "OMG Clover Lane's Uncle is gonna coach the CAV's!!!!" I am saying a prayer for him....and I guess I better figure out what his name is....

  16. Loved, loved, LOVED catching up with your family! Everyone is growing up (my oldest is the same age as your Matt) and you all look so happy and healthy. Congrats to Abbey on graduation. Her art is stunning! Also, I absolutely adore that floral dress she is wearing in the bridal shower photo. Would you mind asking her where she got it for me? Always looking for more summer dresses. Thank you for the Florida trip highlights too. I've never been there, but reading your blog over the past (12??) years has made me want to go for sure!

    1. I know she bought it a few years ago -it's actually my SIL's (her mom's)! I love it too.

    2. Oh, I meant the dress Abbey is wearing! lol (although your nieces dress is cute too)

  17. Abbey is stunningly beautiful!! I have been following you for so many years now and absolutely love your blog. You have so much wisdom and I'm so glad you share it with us.