Monday, November 26, 2012


My mom and dad and sister came to our house and brought lots of food.  I was responsible for just making the turkey and I must say, I was very happy that it turned out nice and juicy.  The whole day was low-key and simple and delicious.  And it was a beautiful weather.  My sister Katie took our Christmas card photo which is everyone's favorite thing to do (NOT!).  Thank you Katie!

After dinner we had a cartwheel contest.  Which is sort of a weird thing to do after a Thanksgiving meal, don't you think?  Thank goodness there is not a photo of me doing a cartwheel.  


  1. Your thanksgiving looks so lovely and cheery! Love it!

  2. I love that your sisters name is Katie :)

  3. Your blog has not updated on my reader!
    Love all the posts.
    Janey and Mindy's baby really must be kindred spirits - she was just saying the same thing today. :)

  4. Beautiful table-and the cartwheel contest after dinner sounds perfect! :)